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when your wondering why you are lost in this personal space of a cubical mindstate that i call reality which is to enter a hallow stasis, you have finally entered my world, meaning once you have entered, you must be very aware of the fact that my imagination is far greater then most to even think of comprehending which does exist only feeling and emotion hovers over my head with any grasping.

so if you have a huge imagination and prepared to hear truth relating what's going on this world then this i the right place for you.

and by the way my name is k-the-i???, and not k-the-i, they didnt allow me to add question marks at the end of my name, so it wasnt even a choice i had. and believe there is a reason for those 3 question marks.
Why this name?
this is a name i been attatched with for a long period of time now, it has tons of meaning to what makes me, me.
Do you play live?
for sure i play live, i feel all artist in whatever field of music should get presenting them selves live, no special moment yet, but there to come soon being that there is a huge tour being setup as we speak, a world tour at that.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
in 1 way it's great cause it allows you to have your music heard which alot of kids been meaning to get there stuff heard somehow anyway.

but in other cases it's pretty weak how people been bootlegging, like if it's an artist that goes triple platinum they never even notice the bootlegging but an artist as small as me it would hurt alot, even though i dont really mind as much cause i got something to say so if people feel the need to steal my music to relate with my message then i geuss i did something good.

if your broke and you like my music from the hurt i geuss you could steal my music, but if you got money and you could support a real artist then you should do so, buy my stuff, it's great music.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
if i did we would have to get a few things across first, like my freedom for one, i wasnt to be allowed to do whatever i feel because it makes no sense when a label picks up an artist cause they like there sound and once there on that label they try to change there sound.
Band History:

2003 : NMS - Woe To Thee O' Land If Thy King Is A Child (Big Dada)
2003 : Teletron1 12"(Unincorporated)
2003 : Stacs Of Stamina - Isn't This Enough 10" (2.nd records)
2002 : Komadose – Beta One(Gig City Records)
2002 : Distorted Megabytes - Oranur Effect
2001 : Powers of Sun 12 - my attack (mutant records)
2001 : dyzlectic okto - the ee pee
98 : forgottin realm ep

future realeses

me, myself, k-the, 3rd person, -i???(beyondspace)

neo isnt real enough for to indicate the matrix as his universe, um yeah(6months)

NMS - Imperial Letters of Protection(bigdada)

through the whole drum set down the stairs(beyondspace) instro record

more will be updated later on.
Your influences?
bigg jus, orko, the whole lost channel crew, anticon, jestoneart, sonic sum, the official, komadose, stacs of stamina, vyle, galapagos4, spade mega, arc, tadah(urbansmarts), bjork, portishead, sneaker pimps, rev al, gabe, holmes, common sense, del, prince paul, pain of thought, fully, juggaknots, amon tobin, etc.......
Favorite spot?
chicago, japan and mars
Anything else...?
dont eat flesh or dairy, tis isnt good for you.
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