Underground Beats
Why this name?
I actually wrote down several names that came to me, but them all in a box, and picked Undeground Beats.Yes I play live, my main instruments are bass guitar and keyboards
Do you play live?
Yes I play live, my main instruments are bass guitar and keyboards, I play in the Ohio, Pennsylvania region.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
A lot of people think the internet is part of the downfall of the music industry, But it also is a grat tool for independent artist and producers as myself to xposure and reconition without being signed to a major label.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Of course I would, thats what we as artist strive for , bt many artist wont admit to it.
Your influences?
I listen to all types of music which I feel gives my beats an original flava, I mean every genre of music has something positive you can feed on. But one of my favorite producers are Dre.
Favorite spot?
The big apple-NYC
Equipment used:
Akia-MPC 2000, Kurtzwiel, Korg Triton and any old scool sound modules I can get my hands on.
Anything else...?
Da Beatz speak for themself.
Frank Ellis
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Beat Lab
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Smooth Jazz
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Smooth Jazz
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R&B/Hip Hop
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Add your vocals to this sexy R&B beat
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West Coast style Hip Hop Beat
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Mellow Jazz
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Contemporary Jazz/ Smooth
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play hi-fi  commenting Cruzin- Jazz
Overall Rating
Lovely smooth sound full of subtlety. Great gentle sound, ideal of relaxation and pleasures, L
play hi-fi  commenting Blue Monday
Overall Rating
Gorgeous ultra smooth jazz sound, addictive listening L
Sick keep it up
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this is good vibe too
ooooo eeeee nice job man cool vibe orcestrajazz
Ayo, i hit up your "topbillin" beat... sh***s real raw, if you interested download it to this site, www.soundclick.com/lusius or www.myspace.com/lusius

Stand up! haha stay up

hey man, i'm glad u like tha trackz. i neva put ALL mah stuff on da page, az with any artist. n from 1 artist 2 anotha, i would b HONORED 2 get up on a track or 2 or 3 witchu. lol. i'm a big fan. get at me on aol if ya can. AIM: wildchild1088 or jus email me. EMAIL: wildchild1088@aol.com. i look forward 2 makin history witcha... let'z make musik!

Ya Gurl,
wussup mayne. boy, i been listenin 2 yo beatz since da '02... actually used a few of 'em when i wuz first startin 2 spit. i love tha melodiez u come up with... dey r extremely original. u have so much talent, it'z amazin. i jus stopped bi ta tell u i love ur werk, n also i'm usin ur "Pimpin' Ain't Eazy" on an upcomin' project, if dat'z alright witchu. u will get ur due credit, of course, cuz u helpin ME out, nahmean? pullin all mah folk up wit me, no cheatin em... newayz, get at me when u get da chance, mayb checc da page n hear some of da music... aight, much luv!