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The Orchid Pool
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Experimental pop recordings made at home with minimal technology, questionable ability, and lots of instruments, all compiled and wrapped lovingly in brown paper and twine and sent out into the world, hopefully landing in the hands of people who like to listen to songs that are composed and recorded with love and in the spirit of creating something beautiful.
Band History:
since 1999. we used to live in pennsylvania. now we're in northeast georgia. mostly we don't play live much anymore. tony writes the songs and plays a lot of instruments. kimberly plays a lot of instruments and offers moral support. we are married. we have a dog named emma, and every now and then you can hear her collar jingling in the background.
Your influences?
black moth super rainbow, nick drake, olivia tremor control, neutral milk hotel, circulatory system, red house painters, brian eno, beatles, beach boys
Favorite spot?
conneaut lake park