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Don and Faith
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play hi-fi  Open Hearth
play hi-fi  Break Loose
play hi-fi  Down Home, Birmingham
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My lifelong singing partner and I want to introduce you to our brand of folk music. We have sung all over the Southeastern United States from Missouri to Florida, focusing on Alabama and Tennessee. Also, we have sung in Moscow, Russia. We hope you enjoy Don and Faith Peters. The songs that we will be putting on here are from our album, Down Home Birmingham. We live in Memphis, TN. We were living in Birmingham, AL at the time these songs were recorded at Solid Rock Sound by Noah White. The band consisted of Brookie Finlayson on lead guitar, Rick Reed on bass, Joe Pfau on drums and myself on acoustic guitar. For a while Jim Pollard joined us on a second set of drums, vibes, and other percussion instruments and Nori Kelley joined us on lead, slide, and lap steel. Hope you enjoy.
Why this name?
Lack of imagination.
Do you play live?
Faith and I still are gigging and playing in bluegrass and folk jams in the Memphis area and Mountain View, AR, the folk music capital of the world.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Make me an offer.
Band History:
The band members thought that Faith and I sounded absolutely awful by ourselves and so joined us to try and drown out some of our wailing.
Your influences?
I grew up musically on folk music and like the fact that I can make music with just an acoustic instrument of one kind or another. When I can get folks to play with me it is the icing on the cake.
Equipment used:
We have taken to performing with a small p/a and one condenser mike. It gives a very intimate acoustic sound to performances.
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