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Pilesar- Percussion Solo
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11/17/13 @ 10:26 AM     post a comment
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Pilesar (pronounced Pie LEE zur) specializes in lo-fi 4-track molestation but has recently begun dabbling in the digital realm. Instrumentation may include microphone, voice, percussion, toys, broken effects pedals, borrowed instruments, thrift store finds, tapes, random computer programs and various environmental factors.

Come to my official Chameleon Dish Archives site for even more MP3's and information.

Buy my new album, Stereo Space, here and visit me on Facebook.
Why this name?
It was given to my by an elf.
Do you play live?
Yes! I just started playing out live as a soloist and have been having a wonderful time!

Check out my videos here. Be sure to subscribe:)
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It allows people like me to get music to people like you. Thanks Al Gore!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I'd prefer a smaller one if one at all.
Band History:
In 1998, I saw Ellery Eskelin's trio perform at Gambrell Hall on the USC campus. Later that year, I took what little money I had and bought myself a 4-track recorder and a few microphones. I became obsessed and eventually dropped out of college because I found myself writing love letters to my Tascam 414 instead of studying to be a...... whatever I was going to be. Essentially, those two events changed my life and I decided to never turn back.

I've played with many bands over the years but just started performing solo in 2009. Currently having a blast!
Your influences?
boredoms, ween, renaldo and the loaf, residents, zappa, etc.
Favorite spot?
my wife:)
Equipment used:
I use a crappy 4-track, my computer and whatever instruments I can find at thrift shops or borrow from my friends/enemies. Basically, I just make music with whatever I have access to at the time (e.g., sandpaper, handheld tape recorder, my dog, pots and pans, etc.). I have a vast array of drum machines, effects pedals, ethnic percussion instruments and homemade doohickeys. I love delay and phase shifters!
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