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New School
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I am London based.I have been mixing, recording and 'sampling' electronic,ambient,'beat'- flavoured music for about three years in various forms and disguises.I have always been very much a 'guitar' music fan,and have played guitar for a good many years numbering a long list of influences (too many to mention here....)However, since the advent of 'user friendly' PC's came into their own some years ago, my interest with - drum'n'bass,techno,hip-hop,ambient,and what is generally described as 'dance'music, sparked-off my imagination, and I have indulged myself ever since ! I suppose my 'own'style of music could 'loosely' be described as Ambient 'beats and bass'
Why this name?
Good question !!
Do you play live?
I don't play live.I Prefer working on my own,'doodling' away (when I can),in my own time, piecing together the odd 'tune' now and again.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has definitely changed the the way artists work within the music industry.Sometimes completely independant of managers and 'big time 'corporations. The 'speed' at which material can be put together and recorded with todays technology, can expose certain genres 'wholesale' to the world market at a lesser or greater degree in quite literally a micro-second throughout the net.It can be argued that this situation might create a healthy productive situation as far as artistic 'democracy'and financial turn-over is concerned, but wether it promotes 'real' quality in the writing and making of music is possibly another arguement. I think 'Andy Warhol' pre-empted the whole future of the creative process within the arts a long time ago,because he could see a natural progression, even then, in the sixties, that art was becoming 'disposable'and he used this very concept in his own work.The pace of life was generaly speeding up,and people had more recreational time to themselves, so art was becoming more 'self indulgent'and an importent part of 'living' itself. He said 'One day everyone will be famous for 15 minutes'!
I think the 'world wide web' and its related media industry ( TV,Radio,Cinema)has achieved that on a surprisingly large scale in a relatively short space of time.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Your influences?
BBC sound workshop(early TV science fiction music and film scores),Beatles,Stones,Bob Dylan,Jimi Hendrix,Pink Floyd,Richard Thompson,Bert Jansch,Nick Drake, Cream,Led Zep,Walter Carlos,King Crimson,Yes,Gentle Giant,Genesis,SoftMachine,Henry Cow,Hatfield and the North,Mike Oldfield,Gong,ZZebra,Captain Beefheart,Frank Zappa,Tom Waits,John Coltrane,Joni Mitchell,Weather Report,Mahavishnu Orchestra,Isotope,Tangerine Dream,Kraftwork,Faust,Can,Television,Peter Gabriel,Roxy Music,Elvis Costello,Japan,Brian Eno,Robert Fripp,Philip Glass,Bjork,Orb,Radiohead,Aphex Twin,Steve hillage,Lamb,Autechre,Four Tet,Photek:,Adam F,LTJ Bukem,The Chameleon,Omni Trio....
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