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Rising Sun Quest
YO, whats good everybody. I just hooked up a myspace page so all you that want to get at me that way can do so. hit me up so we can network.
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play hi-fi  Then you die
play hi-fi  thinking back
play hi-fi  helpless
play hi-fi  mix tape sh*** 1
play hi-fi  drinking again
play hi-fi  take that
play hi-fi  Hip Hop 4 you
play hi-fi  f*** wit this
play hi-fi  Fun Wit It
Basically I'm a hip hop artist from Connecticut Which in my opinion is an untapped music resource.My style reflects the life of any real person living it the way most of us do.We got so many fake ass gangsters who just live there fantasy through there false ass raps. To me its a joke and in my eyes it just ruins hip hop in general.Heads just follow tv and radio to see whats hot and pritty much base there whole style on what they see. Im the opposite, I express what I feel and dont care if it's hot by someone elses standards. I give my music my approval and hope you do aswell.
Why this name?
Back in 1993 my dog ill face got me started rhyming and gave me the name. Rising sun came from how quick I rose my level of skill. Sounds cocky but thats how it happened.
Do you play live?
I love to perform. Its the best feeling when your on stage and take control of the crowd. Im always nervous but after i get that mic im in another world. My favorite moment though was when i spit a rhyme way back in high school. It was the first time i made a crowed go nuts. Its when i knew i had what it took to be a true mc.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
well its good right now caus heads whom i wouldent normally be able to reach can hear my music. But if I blow up its gonna hurt my pockets.
But my mindstate right now is gettin the music herd so right now its good.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Of course. as long as i dont have to be a gimmick or have some fake ass image. if i had some creative freedom and dont have to compromise too much than no doubt. but if they want me to front like some kinda thug or pimpn or some sh*** like that than f*** no.
Your influences?
Redman, wu-tang, Nasty nas,black moon, mobb deep,krs 1, grand puba,black sheep, EPMD,rakaim,
ll cool j, kool g rap,.......
Favorite spot?
Jamica is off the hook, Puerto rico the spot too, Chicago is my favorite city, but baltimore is a close second. the sh*** that goes on in b-more is rediculous! Ive also been to montrial canada and I must say its a beautiful place to be.
Equipment used:
mpc 2000 for the beats and rowland digital track recorder for guess what.......
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