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Hard Luck Kings
NEWS   "One MOre for the Road" will be release on July 22,2004 by Statue Records.
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There has been a lot of questions about the Kings lately. Where are they? I heard you broke up! What happened to the CD?
The Hard Luck Kings truly had some hard luck! Gregg left the band to seek fortunes in Philly. We auditioned a few bassists and even scheduled a gig with one. The CD was unsupported by the Statue Records so no one knew it was out or even find it easily on the company's website.
HOWEVER DON'T PANIC!! Due to popular demand the Hard Luck Kings are returning!! They plan on releleasing new material by Spring! Chris and Rick are working currently on new material. Brian however will not be returning to the band. Tensions have risen over Gregg's departure. So Rick has asked for some studio help from some old pals. As for playing live? We'll see...
Why this name?
If weren't for bad luck we'd have no luck at all.
Do you play live?
Any stage, any time, any where! We love it! That's what it's all about.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Let's the independents get the music out to the people.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
In 2003 singer Chris Reifenstein, guitarist Rick Reifenstein, bassist Gregg LaFever and drummer Brian Cadamore were frustrated with the modern hard rock scene. Acting upon Chris's suggestion the group changed their name and explored their rock-n-roll roots. Combining influences like Mike Ness, Brian Setzer, Johnny Cash and the Ventures, they formed the Hard Luck Kings.
As one of the hot new bands in Pittsburgh, the Hard Luck Kings have been gaining fans in local bars, and clubs with their roots based rock-n-roll. Their no nonsense style has earned them the respect of other musicians in the rockabilly and psychobilly scene. The Hard Luck Kings high-energy shows and toe tapping music has brought many people to their feet to dance. Their success on stage is second only by the achievements of their recordings.
They have four songs in the top 40 of four genres on soundclick.com. Proving that their music reaches a broad audience. The Hard Luck Kings success on the internet also brought them to the attention of Geoffrey Emery VP of Statue Records Group.
In the spring of 2004 the Hard Luck Kings signed a distribution and licensing deal with Statue Records.
Your influences?
Brian Setzer is a major influence along with the grandaddies like Johnny Cash, and Chet Atkins. Surf music from Dick Dale and the Ventures are heard in our music as well.
Favorite spot?
Any bar that has Pabst.
Equipment used:
Chris uses Shure Bullet and SH55 Microphones and various Harmonicas.
Rick's main guitar is a 63 Starfire 5. He owns several Epihones that appear on stage from time to time.
Brian plays a Pearl Masterworks kit. One of the last to be built in the U.S.
Anything else...?
Come out and see the shows!! If you want to have fun. Listen to true Rock n Roll as it was meant to be played, come to one of the shows!! Stop listening to that depressing pretend metal crap!!!!!!!
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