The Gorgonzolas
Cj Da Ghozt
she wanna
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play hi-fi  The Jerk
play hi-fi  Welcome Message (may 2001)
play hi-fi  Surfing the Swanlake
play hi-fi  La Chupacabra (remix)
play hi-fi  Where's me bleedin' Sunglasses
play hi-fi  Beautiful Girl
play hi-fi  She's the one
play hi-fi  Red Sea Camel Dive
play hi-fi  Kaplumba
play hi-fi  Chili Con Carne

The Gorgonzolas FREE RockaRolla

Another page owned by The Gorgonzolas. Die hard rockers
from Holland. We have our own studio and give all our music aways for FREE on the web.

Find most our tunes, downloadable, right here on Soundclick


Bandmembers:     El Gorgonzola
& friends

Guitars, electric + acoustic, organ, synths, bassguitar, drums, drummachines,
human voice.

From Beatles to Madonna.

Why this name?
We like cheese
Do you play live?
Yes of course don't be ridiculous
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
There is no history, only future.
Favorite spot?
Equipment used: