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play hi-fi  Intro to Pheromones Demo
play hi-fi  Pherocious
play hi-fi  MAY 2ND MIX 1 2004
play hi-fi  April 6th, 2004
play hi-fi  Part One Proppa Patter
play hi-fi  Phelyne's Hardcore Hayride
play hi-fi  Phelynes Hardcore Hayride Part 2
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play hi-fi  We all need to Find You
***Welcome*** to my old ass, surprisingly still alive, soundclick DJ page!!! Most know me as Phe Phe now, but back in the day I was Dj Phelyne (pronounced feline). Feels like ancient history. Every now and then people say, "hey do you remember that one party", or "I met you that time at such and such". That was 15 or so years ago. I just don't remember all of it, sadly. It made me so happy to see my account is still active. A nice trip down memory lane. I was very active on myspace, with almost 6000 friends, before it went to shit. Soundlick was how I hosted my mixes on myspace, before myspace added the music streaming features. I held out on myspace for a while but eventually acquiesced to facecrack. Eventually myspace booted my account when they reworked their whole site and image trying to move past having had everyone flock to facebook, which destroyed their user base. Damn, there I go rambling. heh

All these mixes are from sometime between 2002-2004. There are a couple other tracks; one I produced, one a remix. Keep in mind these were from 14 years ago, prior to my recording engineering career. Now jungle has largely fallen back into the shadows. It will always be front and center for me. SO, have a listen.

Why this name?
i was named phe-lion, and then i altered it to phelyne.
Do you play live?
not at the moment, but am considering it. undecided. doubtful but possible.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet is amazingly powerful. utilize it.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I would rather own and operate the Major Labels.
Band History:
I've been really into drum and bass and jungle ever since attending my first illegal warehouse party in 96 called IMPACT, in Kansas City. Yes!! A real legit, illegal warehouse rave. You know, from back when raves were located by a map check point only listed the day of the parties. Where the coordinates were found by listening to and answering machine greeting on a random phone number left off the hook.

Dnb, Jungle, and the more niche specific Mashup Ragga styles, have always been my passion. I DO like other styles. I appreciate genres other than jungle. Jungle wouldn't exist without them. I'm not one of THOSE people (although I will admit in my dj days I was mostly THAT kind of person. What can I say? I grew up). Since I started dabbling with production, I really have much more of an appreciation for the power of music, in ALL genres.

I started spinning records in 1999 when I joined a local Kansas City drum & bass/jungle crew called Cosmic Mafia. Eventually we shifted in other directions, disbanding about 2001. From that, fellow junglist Dj 1.800 envisioned and included me in on forming Nightbreed Operations. Later other local junglists came together to be part of, or participate with, Nightbreed with the objective of forming a cohesive DnB/Jungle presence in Kansas City. Truly lucky to have had the pleasure of working alongside 1.800, cQuence, NVS, Mike Mcgrath, Sketch, BUSH, among many others. We all had out preferred style of drum and bass and jungle which was really nice to have such diversity within the main genres. For years it had been really hard to find dnb/jungle played at events, which at least for me, that was a big motivating factor of becoming a dj. I simply wanted to hear it more and that was the only way to do so.

Anyway, around 2002ish (i think) cQuence joined forces with us, becoming the most prolific of the djs repping NightBreed. (Eventually she surpassed what we were doing as a crew and went on to form the most successful and longest running kansas city jungle night, the Cup N Saucer. I reallllly miss those days!!)

There were a dozen or so other local djs who were either working with us or in the crew at various stages, all with the common motivation of getting jungle played out more so the scene wasn't only representing the house and techno heads. We all eventually went in different directions, also, moving into other new adventures. Nvs was another Nightbreed dj but is now known as Ragga Scum and is a very well known ragga producer. cQuence is still a weekly fixture in Kansas City going under the name West End Girl now. She spins more than jungle but you will still catch her rinsing out from time to time. In conjunction with Nightbreed Operations, around 2002 I decided to begin focussing on starting my own label, Clawz N Pawz Recordings "Put out or shut up, PUSSY!" which was a dj production, recording and mastering studio, with duplication facility.

All in all, I have played out mostly across the midwest as every level of talent, from predominately an opening act to rarely a headliner. A whole lot of paying dues as a newb opening or closing events, too. I've trainwrecked in front of thousands of people and had some smooth as f*** mixes maybe 5 people heard. The life of the dj, you know? I've traveled and played in 13 states and have released over 7 dj booking demos from 2002 to 2004...lost count of how many cassettes I made from 1999 to 2002. In 2004 I hosted my own weekly live streaming 2 hour drum and bass/ragga show at uk based for almost 6 months, at the time also reppin Digital Bombing and Unknown Soljahs Crews from California. Additionally in 2004 I launched OLEO Clothing but I didn't do much with that once I left for California.

These ventures were all very great experiences but over those years if felt like I wasn't making the progress I wanted to be, not happy with the way things were going (can you say dj culture burnout?) and was looking for a professional career less in front of an audience. More behind the scenes. At that time I had been working 2 to 3 food industry jobs 5-7 days a week, plus working as a Personal assistant to a local promotor, and occassionally booking out for shows, in essence just to afford my records and gear. I needed to move into a more stable, sustainable, and fulfilling direction.

An opportunity arose the first part of January 2005. A few months later I moved to Los Angeles, California, to get a Recording Engineering Certificate at Los Angeles Recording School, now known as Los Angeles Film school (the two merged). Following completing that trade certificate in the fall of 2005, I got hired in the summer of 2006 at Modern Video film as a Layback Audio Operator in Audio Post Production, where I became an IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees) union member in the local 700 chapter MPEG (Motion Picture's Editors Guild). Yep, that's right. I get to put MPEG behind my name. An accomplishment for sure.

To continue on, at Modern Video Film I worked with dubbing, mastering and editing audio tape to tape and digitally to be used for broadcast, as well as archival, of Television and Movies produced by Warner Brothers Inc and its subsidieries, who was the major client that hired for the company I worked for. They are now called Point 360 located in Burbank. My last official name-on-flyer dj booking was in 2008 for my current crew, Unknown Soljahs (although I am basically retired as a dj for now). Being an Audio Layback Operator/recording engineer was my career until the end of 2012 when I moved back to the Midwest to focus on personal and family health issues.
Your influences?
ragga, hipstep, hiphop, hardcore, breakcore, thrashcore, industrial, grungecore, hard house, breakbeat, spoken word, deathmetal, jazz, world music, ambient, experimental. some of the other musicians that have brought me much joy over the young years of my life are simon & garfunkel, neil sedaka, janis joplin, hendrix, pink floydd, joey satriani, tori amos, sara mcglaughin, nin, leonard cohen, bobby mcferrin and more than i feel like writing down right now.
Favorite spot?
Kansas City is, and will always be, home on every level. I have a very soft spot for Southern California, as well, but I did not spend a lot of time there involved in the electronic scene once I got wrapped up in working professionally in Audio Post Production.
Equipment used:
mcad 4 mic, a shure sm58 mic, an akai dm13 dynamic mic from the seventies, edirol digital recorder, a bullshit lowend midi casio keyboard, shure m44-7 scratch needles, pcs & macbook pro, digi 001&002, protools, Logic pro, wavelabs, reason, recycle, sound forge, acid, abelton live, axiom midi keyboard, connectiv vinyl and cd pack, technique 1200s, tascam x-9, jbl 4300s, rokit5s.
Anything else...?
Exploring options. Pondering some thangs. Drop me a line if you have any interest in collaborating or business proposals. I am potentially open to discuss dj bookings, but that is not high on my list of interests right now. I have been out of the dj industry for quite a long time now, so I know there are a lot of great djs more prepared and eager to play out. Plus, I won't travel to dj for free or without a legally binding contract. Too old for booking drama. haha.

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