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NEWS   i am looking for people who need mastering, editing, production, and song writing while i am still in school. email me at to see if we can work something out.
DialogMusik 88 - Humming House
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play hi-fi  Legendary Teaser
play hi-fi  Official Sensual Santa Remix
play hi-fi  We all need to Find You
play hi-fi  MAY 2ND MIX 1 2004
play hi-fi  Pherocious
play hi-fi  April 6th, 2004
play hi-fi  Phelyne's Hardcore Hayride
play hi-fi  Phelynes Hardcore Hayride Part 2
play hi-fi  Phelyne's Hardcore Hayride Part3
play hi-fi  Phelyne's Hardcore Hayride Part 4
ive been really into jungle since 96. i like other styles but am not what you would call a "head" or anything. i appreciate things other than jungle. im not one of THOSE people. lately i have been getting very interested in harder genres like breakcore. because i am producing now, i really have much more of an appreciation for the power of music, in all genres.
i have been spinning since 99. i have played out across the midwest as every level of talent, from opening act to headliner. i have played in 10 states and have put out over 7 demos and lost count of how many cassettes ive made. I hosted my own weekly 2 hour drum and bass/ragga show at for almost 6 months. i am producing more experimental breakcore and hardcore than anything else, currently. i am in the middle of a few projects and will post those sound clips once they are ready. until then, i will post a few short practice mixes.

i am also currently in school at los angles recording school studying to become a recording engineer. i am doing an animation internship for a small company and working on several individual projects. more will be posted but it might be slowly due to my lack of online access right now.
Why this name?
i was named phelion, and then i altered it to phelyne.
Do you play live?
not at the moment, but would love to spin again now that school is almost over
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
well, um. lets see. do you want 200 people to hear your art or 2 million. yeah, i know, its hard making those decisions for yourself, isnt it? <: haha. no really, the internet is amazingly powerful. utilize it.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
depends on whats in the contract
Band History:
started spinning in 1999 when i joined cosmic mafia. they disbanned, and 1.800 and I started Nightbreed Operations. cQuence joined forces with us as well as James Bond, the top secret hidden talent. <: in 2002 i started my own label, Clawz N Pawz Recordings "Put out or shut up, PUSSY!" its a recording facility as well as duplication and mastering facility. sometime in 2004 i will be launching OLEO Clothing. the website will be finished shortly. <: you can check out the website now at
Your influences?
ragga, hipstep, hiphop, hardcore, breakcore, thrashcore, industrial, grungecore, hard house, breakbeat, spoken word, deathmetal, jazz, world music, ambient, experimental. some of the other musicians that have brought me much joy over the young years of my life are simon & garfunkel, neil sedaka, janis joplin, hendrix, pink floydd, joey satriani, tori amos, sara mcglaughin, nin, leonard cohen, bobby mcferrin and more than i feel like writing down right now.
Favorite spot?
if i had my choice i would live in a hole in the ground in new zealand, eat a bunch of toxic mind altering fungus and go faery hunting on full moons, in the forest beside the ocean cliffs. but because that is not something i can do just yet, my favorite place has got to be my car, where i spend most of my free time excaping.
Equipment used:
two technique 1200s, a tascam x-9, audiotechniqa headphones, a shure sm58 mic, an akai dm13 dynamic mic from the seventies, a bullshit lowend midi casio keyboard, shure m44-7 scratch needles, and my pc.
Anything else...?
drop me a line if you are looking for any mastering, editing, production, etc. i am interested in working on some projects while im still in school and can utilize their high end labs. <:

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