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F*** Jonny Quest
NEWS   New band up! Behind the Walls Of Revolution. Visit it at
East Coast
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I do this mainly for fun, i get bored so i play my guitar. I do it often but not a lot of stuff actually gets recorded. I hope to have new stuff up here all the time, but who knows.


New stuff up from me, this time under a different name. Behind The Walls Of Revolution, you can find it here :
Ill still be updating this page with stuff that wont fit in the theme of that band, but check both out.
Why this name?
I chose the name F*** Jonny Quest because every night at 2am jonny quest used to follow the good cartoons. So one night I was playing my guitar and Jonny Quest came on the television and I just said "F*** Jonny Quest" outloud, and I thought it was fitting. Thankfully that show isnt on anymore (Or atleast not on after the good shows)
Do you play live?
Ive played a couple times live, just infront of some kids, nothing big. I like it. No real special moments to talk about, except one time I was playing to a bunch of beginners and I finished up the song I was showing them, and almost everyone in the room was shouting encore.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think mp3s are probably the greatest thing to ever happen to music, along with burnable cds. With this stuff, people who have no money and who arent on a major label can easily get their stuff heard world wide. mp3s and sharing burnt cds with friends has introduced me to a ton music I probably never would have heard of.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I dont think id ever sign to a major label, simply because theres no benefit. You get screwed out of your money while feeding a giant corporation off of your talent and other peoples joy. Why not do the same thing with an indie label that actually puts out good music and lets the artist do what they want? If youre good, people will hear about you anyway, you dont need major label backing.
Band History:
No real history behind this, ive been playing for about 5 years, mainly in little garage bands, nothing major. Finally got sick of dealing with people who have no commitment and who show up drunk or just want to play garbage new metal, so i bought myself a nice shiny new acoustic guitar and decided to do some solo acoustic songs. I might join a band one day again, im not sure, depends on who I meet in the future.
Your influences?
Some of my favorite musicians and bands are:
Velvet Underground
Neutral Milk Hotel
The Unicorns
Broken Social Scene
Godspeed You Black Emperor!
The Ramones
Harriet the Spy
Elliot Smith
Cat Power

and countless others. I cant list them all.
Favorite spot?
My favorite place? Probably somewhere down in southern california, just because its nice all year round.
Equipment used:
I use a samick acoustic/electric guitar, sometimes a fender strat ripoff guitar, and a Tascam MKII 4track.
Anything else...?
Umm I dont know what to write in this box, except that thanks for looking at my page and downloading my songs, I hope you like them. As I said before Ill try and get new stuff up here regularily so check back if you liked what you heard, and tell your friends about it.
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