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Fun with Xenharmonicity
NEWS   In news, Xenharmonicity is still as fun as ever. Organizings have been detracting from music-making time, with no break in sight.
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play hi-fi  Hyperimpov Nuggetwarp III in 11-EDO
play hi-fi  Hyperimpov Nuggetwarp II in 11-EDO
play hi-fi  Hyperimpov Nuggetwarp I in 11-EDO
play hi-fi  As Guudu Swept
play hi-fi  saturating the riverbed
play hi-fi  Multiverse (didacto-tempo)
play hi-fi  OFOIOB
play hi-fi  noodles adorno foucault
play hi-fi  De-quinin'
play hi-fi  The Elitism Rumba
The time has come to say no to twelve tone equal. Ask Ivor Darreg. He knows.

This project is, among other things, an argument for the further exploration of microtonal/xenharmonic tunings by more musicians. If you find this argument compelling or completely repulsive, please let me know.

This project is also a response to the recognized need for more examples available on the internet, for the curious. The curious will never hope to get anywhere without trying out their ears.
Why this name?
Fun with Xenharmonicity is what this shall be. It's a play on "Xenharmonics" and also "Inharmonic," it turns out. Also, "Xentonality" was taken.
Do you play live?
This is a recording-based project: most of the pieces exist more as recordings than as performances. It is a creative sandbox of sorts, and the quantity varies. When I get some recordings I'm really proud of, I'll probably put them somewhere else. When I finally get around to becoming a competent performer, I'll probably start a different page.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Freer music by and for everyone. Yay.
Band History:
I was born on April 8, 1985. I began composing around '90, discovered The Rite of Spring around '99, and discovered the modern microtonal movement around '03. I graduated from Rice in '07 and will attend School for Designing Society in the fall, connecting microtones with radical social change etc.
Your influences?
Microtonalists I enjoy: Hayden Chisholm, Catler Bros, Gerard Grisey, Ivan Wyschnegradsky, Harry Partch, Bill Sethares, Prent Rodgers, Mats Öljare. Normal people: Stravinsky, György Ligeti, Olivier Messiaen, Poulenc, Lutoslowski, Rzewski, Nancarrow, Lois V Vierk,
Equipment used:
iMac. Alesis QS8, E-mu Proteus augmented by the power of Scala. VoiceTweaker microtonalable autotuner. Otonal organ. 31-tone bassoon after Johnny Reinhard. Udderbot. Kalimba. Autoharp. Harp. Musical saw.
Anything else...?
I love you, probably.
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