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NEWS   1-31-2005: "Shadoeland (Soundwave remix) is now featured on tenstring's station. I've also unretired the song, so it might start charting again!

1-15-2006. "I'm Back" was played on the Sheep 2 Ewe podcast. Unfortunately, it was the slow version.

1-6-2006: "I'm Back" (the single version) returns to the Pop/Rock Hot 100 at #76. The Demo version enters the Experimental Electronica Hot 100 at #73.

1-2-2006: Wow, it's been a year! I've been busy with finishing my 2nd BA, looking at grad schools, trying to find work, avoiding destitution, &c. I'll try to come up with some more tunes soon; in the meantime, check out my new Digital Album of alternate takes and remixes, ''Shadoe Sessions.''

After about 14 months, has finally accepted me as a new artist! I'm also on Purevolume, although I don't pay as much attention to that site. The bad news is that has dropped my free MP3's.

If you want something a little different, check out my cousin, Brian Elzey.

12-14-2004: I finally posted "Shadoeland" (I gave up on it) and have started experimenting with other instrument samples. I also uploaded remixed versions of all my songs. Look for "Party, Party, Party" sometime in 2005!

5-5-2004: Feliz Cinco de Mayo for those of Hispanic descent! I just opened a page on I'll try to have "Shadoeland" posted within a week--I've been busy with finals.

4-6-2004: By Soundclick rules, only the song with the most plays appears in any one genre or subgenre. In the last few days, "I'm Back" and "Hanging Around" have been taking turns on the overall Pop charts. When this happens, Soundclick lists them as new, although they're really re-rentries.

4-2-2004: I have my first Hot 100 hit! "I'm Back" is now #90 on the Pop-Rock charts. I'm working on a song titled "Shadoeland," which I hope to post by mid-May.

3-22-2004: Shadoe Stevens e-mailed me! "Thanks for having extraordinary taste and great vision. Good luck with it. I wish you all the best," he said.

2-26-2004: Just signed up.
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Vanilla Shadoe--a virtual band. Post demoscene soundtracking breaking into pop/rock.

My first CD was released January 2006! Here's a Press Release.

Check out my cousin Brian Elzey (AKA Guitar Lifter) if you're more into the blues.
Why this name?
In early 1990 I was listening to American Top 40, hosted by Shadoe Stevens, when Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" came out. I thought that combining Shadoe Stevens and Vanilla Ice's names sounded cool, and "Vanilla Shadoe" sounded better than "Ice Stevens." Later, I learned of the '60s rock group Vanilla Fudge, whose name uses the same light/dark dichotomy. I used "Vanilla Shadoe" on message boards for a few years, and ressurected the name when I started experimenting with PlayerPro.
Do you play live?
I usually play Memorex. Sometimes I play dead on Halloween. As for playing live, this is a virtual band, ie, it's software only. I can imagine singing over my tracks live, but that's not part of my lifestyle now. This is more of a songwriting experiment.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
You get more diverse music. On the radio, everything tends to sound alike. Commercial CDs have the same problem, but to a lesser degree.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Well, not with Sony. Rootkits are not cool. $SYS$BITEME.SONY$SYS$

Otherwise, why not? However, I do have a self-published album at
Support independent publishing: buy this disc on Lulu.
Band History:
The saga of Vanilla Shadoe began over twenty years ago with The Music Box Orchestra. My younger sister and I would wind up all the music boxes in our house and play them simultaneously, grooving on the polyphony. Later we used the Music Box name for our jam sessions with toy instruments, including such homemade creations as oatmeal box drums and the rubber band banjo. It wasn't really music, but it amused our parents.

The Music Box Orchestra broke up as my sister moved on to a real instrument (clarinet) and started playing with the school band. I began to mess around with the piano; at first it was like monkeys pounding on typewriters, but eventually I came up with some useful musical phrases.

I became a fan of the soundtrackers at during my first trip through college. Eventually, I bought a copy of PlayerPro to try my hand at soundtracking.

Unfortunately, by this time the soundtracker scene had faded, and the original closed about the time I was ready to distribute my own MP3's. I found a home at Soundclick, and the rest is history.
Your influences?
If you listen to my station, you'll see that my tastes range from outlaw country through southern rock into guitar rock, then back through power pop to adult contemporary, returning to country by way of country pop.

My songs are electronic by definition, but I have no desire to remain confined to syth pop or electronica. Ideally I'd like to be able to merge the best of hard and soft rock, with a hint of roots music. My MP3 singles have crunching bass guitar and screaming lead guitar (or at least the MIDI equivalent). Recently I've posted some remixes and alternate takes that move my music in different directions.
Favorite spot?
The third planet of a small unregarded yellow sun far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy. A place that's mostly harmless.
Equipment used:
Player Pro, Macintosh. Quicktime Musical Instruments (MIDI instrument samples licensed from Roland). PlayerPro supports both SoundFonts (sort of) and Cubase VST (but apparently not VST instruments), so those are options I'll have to explore in the future. Right now I'm waiting for version 6.0.

If you want to hear me upgrade to a more sophisticated music package, why not donate? See below.
Anything else...?
All my songs are now licensed under the Creative Commons Share-and-Share Alike Noncommercial License. Feel free to use them in your own music under the terms of that license, and let me know what you come up with!

This music is also podsafe.

Oh, and I'd appreciate it if you were to...

Donate enough and I might send you this lovely tote bag!

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