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KARMIC BRICK: The Unnatural World
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The third album from Karmic Brick, "The Accumulated Blur" is due to be released soon! The band's second album, "Fantasy Adventure Violence", is available through iTunes, CD Baby and Newbury Comics. Check out a review on our "reviews" page!

Karmic Brick's debut album, "The Unnatural World", is available through iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon.com, Target.com, Tower Records, and Barnes and Noble among others.

Please visit www.karmicbrick.com for more information, photos, or to contact the band.
East Coast
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KARMIC BRICK: The Unnatural World
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"Karmic Brick is a Boston, MA based Alternative Rock band that doesn't copy anyone. Their unique, upbeat style is a refreshing change from the norm."- Xena Xeon, www.musicplaces.com

Karmic Brick sparked attention almost immediately upon introducing themselves to the internet indie music community in early 2004. The band built a broad and devoted international fan base by unleashing only a taste of what was to come from their debut album, The Unnatural World. The four tracks released, “Pain,” “High,” “Amber Jesus,” and “Experience Jones,” quickly yielded over 10,000 plays on www.soundclick.com , which also propelled “Pain” to an impressive two-week stay at #1 on the Soundclick.com Grunge Chart.

When The Unnatural World was finally released in October 2004, critics validated what fans already knew and Karmic Brick's originality began attracting industry attention.

Said Colin Lynch of International Online Music Magazine, "the album is immersed in grunge... clever grunge that is, and vocals that go up the walls, around the radiators, across the ceiling and straight down the back of your neck when you least expect them to. This is where Karmic Brick's innovation becomes the icing on the cake along with accomplished songwriting and expert arrangements... it's all totally unpredictable folks...an astonishingly clever album from astonishingly innovative boundary bending writers and musicians."

Australia's The Buzz Magazine concurred citing "Walking In My Mind" and "Amber Jesus," in particular, as "a wildfire of artistic expression."

Such strong reviews have helped to propel Karmic Brick’s music further and the band can now be heard on a number of internet radio stations, such as www.artistlaunch.com, www.scrubradio.com, www.freeworldradio.com, and www.soundclick.com. They have also been played on a number of college and commercial stations.

Additionally, The Unnatural World has been in the running for a number of awards. The band received an International Online Music Award nomination for their cover design and, most recently, was one of five bands nominated for the International Online Music Magazine's "Artist of the Year" award.
In addition to these nominations, The Unnatural World drummer Jim LaPrad took top honors in one catagory when he won the IOMA for "Best Drummer."

In April of 2005, Karmic Brick went into the New York studios of Superego Productions and recorded a new track with producer Chris Young. That track, "You Love Me," has received glowing reviews and has been selected for airplay on the Artistlaunch Hour, a syndicated broadcast radio show that is heard on FM stations in five countries. It has also attracted the attention of Matchbox Recordings, a UK label who will be promoting and distributing the song in Europe.

In 2005 Karmic Brick was selected for inclusion in the Worldwide Online Music Distribution Association (WOMDA), a collective alliance representing the interests of the world's most innovative independent artists, record labels, and digital music providers and distributors, in recognition of their success.

In late 2005 the band released “Weak” and “Good Little Children”, two tracks from their second studio album, Fantasy Adventure Violence. Following the release, Jim LaPrad promptly scored his second-straight nomination for Best Drummer and Erin Ahearn received a nomination for Best Female Vocal in the 2006 International Online Music Awards.

In January 2006 “Gahd”, a third track from FAV, was released and shot to #1 on the Soundclick.com Grunge chart in only two days.

In addition to these three songs, Fantasy Adventure Violence includes a smooth cover of the Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows” featuring Ed Drury on didgeridoo and tablas (http://www.eddrury.com/).

The Unnatural World and Fantasy Adventure Violence are available through iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon.com, Target.com, Tower Records, and Barnes and Noble among others. Additionally, Karmic Brick has appeared on Alt-Rock compilation albums from CMJ New Music Monthly, Kid Antrim Music and Oasis CD Manufacturing, as well as the “Indiethon For The Cure” compilation to benefit Juvenile Diabetes and HIV.

Karmic Brick is currently recording their third album, The Accumulated Blur". Stay tuned!

Please visit www.karmicbrick.com for more information, photos, or to contact the band.
Why this name?
After spending the better part of two months trying to find a name that wasn't taken, a flash of inspiration during a screening of "Return of the King" resulted in KARMIC BRICK. As for the specifics, we shall leave it to your imagination.
Do you play live?
Well, we don't play dead.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It makes a wider array of music accessible to the general public.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
As long as we could pay the mortgage...
Band History:
Jim LaPrad: vocals, guitar, drums
Jim started his musical career behind the drums playing with INTRIGUE, MA'AT FUGUE, and THE JOHN DOE ROW. Wanting to concentrate on songwriting, he picked up the guitar and joined LIFE FANTASTIC. Following some moderate success in and around Boston, the band promptly split up. Jim spent the next couple years locked away recording various songs under the name MATTOCKHEAD. Feeling the urge to perform onstage again, he formed JONESTOWN PUNCH with Mike. After four years of eluding success, Mike and Jim decided to branch out and pursue a different musical direction; forming THE PURPLE. After completing the album, Black Skies, Erin was added to the mix, building the foundation of what would become KARMIC BRICK.

Mike Keel: bass
Keel began his musical journey late in life. After college he picked up his first bass and began jamming to Led Zeppelin and Queen in the basement of his parent's house. After a once in a lifetime audition for a band that his buddy Jim was forming, he was asked to join. JONESTOWN PUNCH was formed. When the band broke up a few years later, he continued to work with Jim on a new concept album, Black Skies, under the name, THE PURPLE. At about the same time, INSTATUTION, a blues-rock jam band was forming and needed a drummer. Having never played the drums before, he was up to the challenge and fit right in, being the musical chameleon that he is. He still jams with them to this day, but the bass guitar was his first love and, of course, it beckoned. As did the need to make new music with Jim and Erin. Thus began KARMIC BRICK.

Erin Ahearn: vocals, guitar
Erin started playing flute and guitar at a young age. Feeling the creative urge, she formed STRAY VISION as an outlet. After a few years of writing and recording, the group disbanded to pursue other interests. It was then that a life-long interest in filmmaking inspired Erin to go to film school. After graduating from Boston University, Erin lived and worked in Los Angeles. Eventually she yearned to return to her roots and decided to move back to Boston. Upon her return, she picked up her guitar and began playing with Mike and Jim in PEOPLE DUST, prior to the formation of KARMIC BRICK.

Eric Desmond: Drums
Eric's bio coming soon!
Your influences?
Beatles, U2, Police, Foo Fighters, 90's Alternative, Grunge, Zappa, Jane's Addiction, Garbage
Favorite spot?
Ask us after we tour Japan.
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