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Filthy Ink
NEWS   Thanks to everyone who came out for the CD Release Party during the tornado. Thanks to Dharma and all the cats who was rhymin' for the cause. We fam now!
Filthy Ink's Debut Video: Somethin Up My Sleeve
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Them Filthy Ink boys from Charlotte filmed a video in NYC for the hot single Something Up My Sleeve (like Hakeem Nicks). Shout-outs Hakeem Nicks in the Chorus and to Edgar V. for the editing and production and DJ LP on the ones and cams.
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“What the hell are they playing on the radio?”
It’s a question many have asked nowadays to no avail, and one that FiLTHY iNK has set out to change. Born out of the love of true hip-hop and influenced by artists ranging from Beastie Boys to Eminem to Kool Keith to Pink Floyd, this up-and-coming five-man group is bringing ridiculous beats and incredible flows back into the music scene where it belongs.
FiLTHY iNK is made up of four MCs and one DJ. Tommy 2 Tokes, Dy-Lan, Jonny Blue and Casey Jonez do wonders with their words. When these guys start flowin’, watch out. Their rhymes have been known to commit verbal assassination from the mic to your ears. Behind the two turntables, SupaStar DJ LP provides the beats. A longtime DJ in the Charlotte nightlife scene and creator of some of the hottest mixtapes in the Tarheel State, DJ LP has the sounds to keep you moving non-stop.
The group’s origin came through Jonny Blue, who has known Casey Jonez and DJ LP since their days in school. Tommy 2 and Dy-Lan later joined up, and soon after FiLTHY iNK was ready to roll.
FiLTHY iNK landed on the music scene in Charlotte in 2002 with their 15-track album titled “For Promotional Use Only.” The album used a variety of samples and was not sold but given away as strictly promotional material, hence the title.
The strength of the album landed FiLTHY iNK several appearances at parties and an invitation to join the Vans Warped Tour in 2004. FiLTHY iNK was also featured on the AND1 Mixtape Web site and worked with Tall Tale Productions.
The group’s initial album was strongly followed by “White-Out,” which developed the party style of raps with songs like, “Fresh”, “Cruisin’” and “Ralphy Ciphoretto”. Those three tunes and others spent time on the top 50 hip-hop list at
In 2007, FiLTHY iNK once again created a complete remix album that has been played throughout bars and clubs in the Charlotte metro area. Right now, the group is in the studio working on their third album, which for the first time will include original beats. The album is slated to drop in the summer of 2010.
Most recently, the group has been wrecking mics with their live shows. FiLTHY iNK opened up for national recording artist Sunny Ledfurd at Amos Southend and won the crowd over at the Battle of the Bands concert at Tremont Music Hall. They’ve also performed at the Evening Muse in Charlotte and at the Pour House in Raleigh. FiLTHY iNK was also recently nominated for a Queen City Award as one of Charlotte’s best hip-hop groups.
FiLTHY iNK performs their original raps over popular party songs and exude energy and excitement for the crowd at whatever venue they play. FiLTHY iNK does a continuous 30-50 minute set, depending on the venue’s needs, and creates a B-Boy atmosphere while promoting traditional and new hip-hop. FiLTHY iNK will typically cover one or two classic hip-hop tracks during a larger set.
FiLTHY iNK can open for any type of popular band or play an entire evening as the group is self-contained with a DJ who can also play recorded music, making them an ideal party band for fraternity and sorority parties with two acts in one.
And remember, “Hip-hop isn’t dead, FiLTHY iNK’s got it locked up in the basement.”

Why this name?
FiLTHY iNK derived from several concepts but we felt it encompassed everything we wanted to be and everything we were . . . plus it just sounds dirty.
Do you play live?
We have been playing all around North Carolina for a while now at the Evening Muse, Amos Southend, SK Net Cafe in Charlotte and The Pour House in Raleigh. . . and had have some great times . . . youtube our August 23 show, keyword filthy ink.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet lets people test what they have without fear of being rejected to their face.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Of course, thats why we're all here right. We don't buy the bologne that says your doing it for fun, that just means your saying you're not good.
Band History:
It the beggining god said "Let there be Hip-Hop" and he saw that it was good.

Other than that Jonny and Case go back the rest of the click all met through Jonny some which way or the other and since Jonny owned the mic and everyone was tryin to get on at the same time ...filthy was formed. LPZ really made it filthy first but the rest of us just ran with it, we are filthy, the worst things we say aren't even recorded- thats the easy going mellow shit.
Your influences?
We enjoy motown, Michael Jackson, Nirvana, Kool Keith, Motionman, The Fat Boys, The Beastie Boys, Kanye West, 50,The Furius Five, The Fantastic Four, Kool Herc, Grandwizard Theodore, X-ecutioners, Slick Rick, Skratch Picklez, Redman, Methodman, Jigga and a whole sh!tload of others.
Favorite spot?
North Carolina, where else?
Anything else...? Check us out if you haven't all ready.

Hip Hop aint dead-it's just locked in our basement.
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