Skynny Double Y The Producer
#WATTBA Type Beat KRAZY II 68 bpm Free DL
#WATTBA Type Beat | KRAZY II | 68 bpm | Free DL ***Limited Time Basic Lease Deals*** 2 Beats | $40 (Save $10) 4 Beats | $60 ( Save $40) 8 Beats | $100 (save $100)
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play hi-fi  bigtimee
play hi-fi  Lets Go prod. Haz
play hi-fi  Radio Live Skit
play hi-fi  Vibe - Seka prod. Haz/Goonie Hodges
play hi-fi  This My Life
play hi-fi  The Final Say - prod. Anno Domini
play hi-fi  Mission & Seka - TNT
play hi-fi  Seka & Orakle freestyle
play hi-fi  who the f***
play hi-fi  til the earth is up
Why this name?
Because elephants fly.
Do you play live?
Band History:
Menace Records.
Favorite spot?
Christchurch, New Zealand.
Anything else...?
Menace Records.