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The Space Mice
NEWS   The Space Mice have been working on a new suite called Thousands of Revolutions. It's just waiting for some mastering tweaks and packaging design. As with all SM projects, it resembles in some ways previous projects, but also departs from them. It started out as "House Mice II," with a backbone of some serious breakbeats. Then we got involved with layered loops, improvisations, and weird genre mixes (there's some dub, psychedelic, and alt-rock flavors) like "Experience 3D." And the whole suite holds together as one long song, like "I Can't Say Where Home Is."
Rain (Bryson Tiller Don't Type)
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The improvisational ensemble The Space Mice began as the collision of two completely different ideas:

A comic book. Rob "Producer of Mice" Veith's little brother used to draw cartoons of an anthropomorphic cat in a silver jumpsuit with a laser pistol which he called "Space Cat." Rob, as a child, began to draw a complimentary character, a Space Mouse. By junior high, this space mouse had been renamed Zace and a number of companions had been added to his crew. By high school, an in-depth backstory had been created that The Space Mice were test-tube grown creatures designed to be the ultimate weapons in the galaxy. But they weren't into it, so they escaped the lab and formed a punk rock band. The concept was kind of A-team in space with anthropomorphic rodents and punk rock. But drawing music is really tough, so the project got shelved for 20 years.

A new type of music. In college, Rob became heavily involved in a wide variety of music. He began to mix genres and create new things. One experiment involved mixing jazz and electronic music. This doesn't sound all that innovative now, but in the late 80's, it managed to alienate both his jazz friends and his pop friends. As with The Space Mice, the idea wound up on the back burner.

The merger. Rob has continued to record and perform with a variety of ensembles (his acoustic rock duo Misses and Mystery can be found at soundclick.com/missesandmystery). In the nineties, he discovered that, not only had a merger of jazz and electronica become an acceptable style, but it was one of the more popular downloads on MP3.com. He dug out some of his old compositions and, initially in a cynical move towards more airplay, but later out of a love for this type of music, arranged dozens of new songs. A band was recruited, some friends, some merely code, to bring the songs to disc. The band was named after and given the backstory of the comic book, with the idea that now the original Space Mice had grown up and their sound had changed.

Since 2001, The Space Mice have independently released 11 full-length albums (and one compilation/sampler). With SoundClick's new store program, these albums are available for the first time in one place. Space Mice music provides the ideal soundtrack for hip businesses, such as coffee houses; it is also recommended by top researchers for improving memory and mental clarity for studying students.

Cheese Jazz. 2001 The Mice’s debut revealed them as thoroughly modern jazz players with deep roots. Cheese Jazz filtered blues, funk, new age, and even disco grooves through the quintet’s sound. Each song was named after a different type of cheese. BUY IT (only $4.99)!

Cimé Caps. 2002 In some ways, picking up where Cheese Jazz left off, this seven song set dipped deep into jazz territory, paying homage to the great improvisers of the sixties—Sun Ra, John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, and others—with songs named after famous palindromes. BUY IT (only $4.99)!

House Mice. 2002 Picking up the implied “direction” of Cheese Jazz and winding up in an entirely different place than Cimé Caps, the Mice interpreted vintage electronica—house, disco, dub, and techno—through their signature quintet sound for a high-energy set. BUY IT (only $4.99)!

Jambient. 2003 Taking House Mice one step further, this 2003 set of five extended ambient pieces that recall the best of Kraftwork, DJ Spooky, and Brian Eno, while being uniquely Space Mice. The ambient textures allow extended improvisational sections using a variety of electronic instruments. BUY IT (only $4.99)!

Space Mice For Lovers. 2003 In some ways their most groundbreaking work, while in others their most traditional, the 2003 release of For Lovers saw the group limiting themselves to the 32-bar chorus and acoustic live ensemble format of traditional jazz for a rich, mellow sound. BUY IT (only $4.99)!

The Truth is out There. 2004 A sampler CD containing songs from the previous Space Mice releases at a bargain price. BUY IT (only $2.99)!

The Best Laid Plans. 2005 Subtitled "odds and ends by The Space Mice," The Best Laid Plans includes a few new songs and a few songs composed for the other albums which, for one reason or another, didn't make it to the final release. "Aha!" and "Ha" were composed for Cimé Caps, but were removed to keep the album a CD length. "The Best Laid Plans" was considered too "rocking" for Jambient. BUY IT (only $4.99)!

Scenes from an Imaginary Film. 2007 This 2007 Mice album is inspired by soundtrack music and features the usual mix of electronica and jazz which is unique to the Space Mice sound. BUY IT (only $4.99)!

Experience 3D. 2011 A collection of songs composed over the last two years, featuring homages to some of the Space Mice's favorite performers. BUY IT (only $4.99)!

I Can't Say Where Home Is Anymore. 2011 2009-10 were stressful years. The Mice composed this suite of nine sparse, relaxing compositions to help them sleep and have pleasant dreams. BUY IT (only $5.99)!

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
The Mice are interested in talking to anyone who is willing to give them large sums of money to create the kind of music they like. Actually, at this point, even those willing to give them small sums of money will get them listening.
Your influences?
The Mice like all kinds of experimental music. They consider Sun Ra and The Electric Mayhem kindred spirits and also site Brian Eno, DJ Spooky, and Kenny G as big influences.
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
Custom built (rodent-sized) Ibanez MIDI guitar, breath controler, a bunch of old synths (a Kawai, a Korg, and two Rolands), some drum machines, Logic, Band In A Box, Reason
Experience 3D cover