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Three members to the band, Me, Myself, and I. If they could only agree!

Me started out as a 70’s progressive rocker. Twenty minute epics of “headphones-only” music was the way to let the mind explore.

Myself is of the opinion that the entire 80’s was a washout, and during this time was looking for a something that had substance and power. Jazz-fusion did it for him.

I loved the direction rock took in the 90’s. People once again had something to say, some did it simply, some with incredible artistry. And all those folksy chicks…J

In the mean while, all three members got turned on to the incredible expressiveness and texture achievable on the acoustic guitar, finding themselves playing less and less electric. Though the years, as they became better players, they also found themselves less and less willing to go on and on repeating the same musical phrase, getting right to the point. Read, short tunes with punch. As Don Ross says “Heavy Wood”
Why this name?
It's the last name of all there guys in the band.
Do you play live?
A few times at open mic nights, or around the campfire.

Special moment? Yah, Eight guitars, a mandolin, a bongo drum, five girls singing, one great night on Vancouver Island in my friend Megan’s basement. WOW.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It allows people with real jobs, and or musical hacks to get their music or imitation there-of “out there”. The ones with talent will rise to the top, there’s just a lot more stuff to go through. But it also limits the cash put into developing music (file swapping, less royalty cheques) and drives music to a lower level of sophistication.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Your influences?
Rush, Pink Floyd, and most of the other 70's prog bands, Tangerine Dream, and the really out there Jazz fusion, Bruce Cockburn, and my hero, Don Ross.
Favorite spot?
The Waterfall down the road.
Equipment used:
Sound waves... emitted from acoustic guitars or amps, picked up by a Rode NR1 mic, into a TUBE MP pre amp, into a Delta 44 sound card, recorded using CuBase VST 5.0, to hard drive, as WAV files, then ripped to MP3, on a Pentium III with 515 meg of RAM and two 40 gig drives. Sometimes I use other stuff.
Anything else...?
My love of the guitar has inspired me to start building them. Check out the guitars I am building at my other web site .
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