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NEWS   Cripes! Gosh! Crikey!

There's ONE!!! gig to tell you about this time!! OMG!!! LOL!!!

It's at..... the Head Of Steam again.
On the 22nd of August!!!
Chippewa Falls!!!!
Dad They Broke Me!!?!!
and I've no f***ing idea how much it costs. probably loads. or possibly a couple of pounds or so.

You might as well come, it's not as if there's anything else to do.
High horse
New School
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play hi-fi  this wretched town
play hi-fi  in my mind my thoughts light fires in your cities
play hi-fi  aeroplanes fall from the sky
play hi-fi  still pictures of a bygone age
play hi-fi  twelve organs
play hi-fi  awake with dreams and distractions
play hi-fi  set fire to then forgotten

made my kids wish they were bleeding

This place has died a f***ing death hasn't it? It's no surprise really, what with all these flashy new sites flying about with their tits out. We've got one, it's available to look at (or "surf", if you will) at, with headless victorian photos and everything.

Or, if you're one of these blog-crazy teenage web freaks, we've got one of those MypaedoSpace larks over at if you want to get involved in the shadier side of the teenage web community, and line Rupert Murdoch's already bulging pockets even further.

I'll point out now that I'm not involved in the running of either of those sites, so they'll be nowhere near as funny as this one used to be before everyone f***ed off.

the pillow soundclick kids would have liked to thank everyone who's supported this site, but they can't because everyone's moved on to better places and better people with better haircuts and better songs and more "angular" riffs and f*** knows what else. So gan on then, have your pop fun. Get a haircut for £70. It'll only get ruined when it rains. you bunch of bastards.
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