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megacon 2012
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another song I made in 2012 used for megacon video in Miami neet they did a good job I love when people are having fun like in this video
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play hi-fi  i found my spine
play hi-fi  itsthe pie in the sky
play hi-fi  electronic funk box
play hi-fi  true
play hi-fi  around the world
play hi-fi  the anthem
play hi-fi  a cocktail of soundz
play hi-fi  the stink thisis a preview of work in progress
I am a one man band I play drums electric guitar bass key boards drum machines every thing pretty much I write and produce I also recycle music compleatley take sounds or music to to a compleat different sound or song I'm 47 so its just a hoby for me
Why this name?
back in the early 90s I used to play bartender in the yahoo chat rooms my sister created the name mr_cocktail_1 then kept the name for musick cause I make a cocktail of sounds
Do you play live?
did when I was younger not no more
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
the same way video killed the radio star
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
dunno never gave it much thought
Band History:
played in lota bands and jammed with a lota musicians once took my guitar and travelled across the usa now I'm in England past 17 years
Your influences?
every thing realy lota unsighned bands out there that are better then ones sighned
Favorite spot?
boston mass usa
Equipment used:
30 year old washburn guitars only and tanglewood bass don't use picks I can only play with fingers, line6 amps create amps Yamaha drum mashines quauzi midi raveoloution
Anything else...?
use fruity loops ableton Cubase magix dj pro just bout every music studio use them all and go back in forth with projects I'm a self taught musician producer if your put on an island with nothing but a spoon you are going to get dam good with that spoon if you give me any thing ill teach my self to use it and stick with it till I get good I'm a firm beliver in teaching your self if you go to school and learn you larn to sound like your teacher and pupils originality cant be taught
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