Andrew N Project
Andrew N Project
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“Andrew N Project” is the band that consists from the only participant so that is simply the artistic name of the “one-man band” musician who composes the music, plays all instruments (guitars, bass, keyboards), programs drum lines and makes all the necessary things related to sound-engineering. His - i.e. my - name is Andrew Negoustorov.
Why this name?
In order to simplify the name of the band I had extremely shortened my surname from “Negoustorov” - since I guess it's not easy for western ear - to the only letter "N", so there is the result here: "Andrew N Project".
Do you play live?
Of course, I have the very certain experience of live performance but due to some distinct and rigid circumstances of my present life I can firmly say: "Absolutely not! - I don't play live!"
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Wow! That is the product of technological revolution in our life and it is impossible to overestimate its meaning! As for me, that is a sheer fairytale in reality! I well remember those times when all of that was even out of dream! So cheers to either Internet or mp3!!! )))
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I'm so happy with what "you have to be happy with", so I even don't think about that...
Band History:
I made my 1st album in far 1996 and I can add that it's not shame for me now to listen to it since I already became by that time quite mature musician. But! The album was recorded in non-professional way since I had no PC with all of its opportunities. I played with my sequencer in duet while mini-disc recorder fixed the music. So the quality of sound was far of standard. Too bad but I have no strength to make all the work one more time...
All of my music done on PC is mostly already presented here on SC and each composition or album is a page of my band history.
Your influences?
There was time when I was purist in music: "Just Hard Rock and nothing more!" ;)
My favorite bands were such legendary groups as The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk Railroad, Black Sabbath, Budgie, Nazareth and many, many others. But as time passed I discovered the music of Frank Zappa, who "allowed me" to use any means in Rock music, and King Crimson, whose creation remains for me the main value since I find here some more than only superb music but something that lies in the highest sphere - the sphere which is beyond physical sounds.
And, of course, it was impossible to pass by the row of modern guitar monsters – such virtuosos and wonderful musicians as I.Malmsteen, V.Halen, S.Vai, J.Satriani, G.How, R.Kotzen, T.MacAlpine, A.Masi, M.Eklundh, A.Holdsworth, G.Govan and many others. I love so much the music of D.Sherinian due to its richness of content, virtuoso character and spirit vectoring.
I also might mention the theme of academic vanguard but this is a very specific and sophisticated sphere. I simply may say that I admire the music of such greats as A.Schoenberg, R.Shchedrin, O.Messiaen, A.Schnittke…
Favorite spot?
I like to be outdoors with my dog far away from the city bustle. And – “yes!” - with no any musical sounds! ;)
Equipment used:
I do not use anything special in my musical equipment, so I skip this point. ))
Anything else...?
I would like to thank the team of SC - and personally Tolgar and Tanju Kanli - for such a wonderful project as "Sound Click" as this is a true musical community! I found here good friends and great musicians, so my life really gained a new color by communicating with them.
And this is not an exaggeration…
The first steps in ensemble with my daddy
The lesson. Performance of Russian folk song_1
The lesson. Performance of Russian folk song_2
Competitive performance
The band is accompanying female vocal duet
Performance at the festival in Armenia
Makin' Rock&Roll
During the execution of the instrumental piece
In the Rays of Mr. Morse' Fame
My bass with Deep Purple's autographs
Deep Purple's Autographs
"Am I a Professor?"
Rock-mannequin ;)
Andrew N Project - "one-man band"
Andrew Negoustorov
With Ibanez acoustics
"Let me get a part of your strength!"
Under the patronage of Krishna :)
"No Compromise"_cover+
"Hard Tighten Spring"_cover
Hard Tighten Spring_disc
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