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Sharp Dressed Man
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Sharp Dressed Man is a very visual, high energy tribute to ZZ TOP. The group has created the likeness to ZZ TOP - complete with the beards, costuming, and fuzzy guitars, and works relentlessly to reproduce the experience of a ZZ TOP concert. This band is often mistaken for the real thing. You will hear all of ZZ TOP's biggest hits, including Legs, Tush, LaGrange, Cheap Sunglasses, Tube Snake Boogie, Pearl Necklace, I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide, and of course - Sharp Dressed Man.
Everybody knows that "Every girl's crazy about a Sharp Dressed Man."
Why this name?
We actually were going to call ourselves LaGrange initially, but thought that Sharp Dressed Man was more recognizable by a larger number of fans.
Do you play live?
We always play live. Even our demo is live. So we sound like ZZ TOP when they play live. We love to play live, as we put a great deal of emphasis on our stage presence.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Mp3's are the best way for musicains to represent themselves to the largest number of people - period.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Not applicable with our tribute band.
Band History:
SharpDressedMan -- Who We Are

With their distinctive look - the long beards, cheap sunglasses, and fuzzy guitars - ZZ TOP has become one of the most recognized bands around the globe.
For over 30 years, ZZ TOP has delivered a unique sound that combines Texas Blues, boogie woogie, and rock 'n roll.

The Kansas City-based group, Sharp Dressed Man recreates the ZZ TOP experience by belting out all of the big hits and replicating the experience of a ZZ TOP concert.

Scott Willis portrays Billy Gibbons. Scott is a long time musician with a love for the Texas blues style, and rips through Billy Gibbon's solos with ease and energy. Scott enjoys performing and getting the crowd going.

Portraying Dusty Hill, and belting out the vocals for songs like Tush, is Don Lybarger. Don is a classic rock lover, who could not resist joining the group. He loves exciting the crowd, and is a solid musician. Don also plays in another group called Blazing Country. They have released a CD that is getting air-play in various parts of the USA.

Don's son, Dustin Lybarger, joined the group last year and performs as Frank Beard. Dustin is an extremely talented and hard-working drummer who was playing professionally by age twelve. He keeps Scott and Don in the groove.

Sharp Dressed Man is available for concerts, fairs, private and corporate events, night club performances and charity events.

Rates are reasonable, and you are sure to get a top-notch performance anytime, anywhere.

Just remember...
"Every girls crazy 'bout a Sharp Dressed Man."


Your influences?
Obviously, Billy Gibbons is my favorite. I think I chased off my ex-wife by playing ZZ TOP albums again and again. I never get tired of playing those riffs. When I was younger, I loved to play along with Ted Nugent, Lynard Skynard, Bad Company, Molly Hatchet, and so on. So I would say that the Southern Rock groups were always my favorites.
Favorite spot?
I love to go to Mexico, down by the beach.
Equipment used:
I like Crate Amps. My Crate GFX 212-T really gives me the sound I need for the tribute band, and some versatility with the built in tracking effects.
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