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NEWS   Thanks to everyone who came out to all of our shows this summer. The response we are getting is incredible! Unfortunately we had to drop off of Metal Nation's "Northern Aggression" fest in New Hampshire. But we'll be up there as soon as we can! Right now, we're working on getting a new website up and some real band pictures with the current line up.
ALSO the best news is that we'll be releasing a split album with Shroud of Bereavement in early 2005 on Oak Knoll/Willowsoul productions. We are all REALLY excited about this!

We have t-shirts (all sizes), buttons, and cd's for sale. So if you want some, feel free to contact us. We do accept Paypal, cash, and Money order.
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play hi-fi  intro song: A dirge for the forsaken (2004)
play hi-fi  Now Yours... (2004)
play hi-fi  Forever, I will burn (2004)
play hi-fi  Exasperation's Tears (2004)
play hi-fi  Descent
play hi-fi  Forever I Will Burn (Live 2004)
play hi-fi  Descent (new preproduction)
play hi-fi  Moment of Decay
DOOM METAL- Heavy, melodic, with variety and power...
Why this name?
We got the name from a song off of Mindrot's "Dawning" album, who has influenced us greatly over the year. To this day, it's one of the finest doom/death albums we've ever heard.. it's out complete honor and respect to the band that we chose this name. Not to mention, it fits with our sound and message...
Do you play live?
Doom has never been in great demand in America, so road-time is greatly limited for any band in this style. However, that doesn't prevent us from getting out there and unleash some savage doom upon the unwitting masses. We love playing live..
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It lets real music be heard, and helps slaughter the sales and integrity of shitty radio music. So, I find it to be a wonderful thing...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
uhm, in all likelyhood no...
Band History:
Hailing from the city of Richmond, Virginia, the hometown of Edgar Allen Poe, Withersoul is the latest addition to the rich tapestry of doom metal. Unlike most bands within this genre, they are forging their own sound and looking towards the future, not the past. Their sound is an eclectic mix of the classic and current doom metal stylings, both musical & vocal diversity, and not to mention a sinister affinity for creating an oppressive drowning atmosphere that consumes everything in its path. The influences of this band range from My Dying Bride, Samael, Garden of Shadows, early Theater of Tragedy, and Candlemass to more esoteric influences like post-punk icons Killing Joke, My Bloody Valentine, and Joy Division. Throw all those bands into a blender, puree at slow speeds, serve at massively loud volumes, and you have beginning of what is Withersoul.

The foundation of this band started in early 2000, when Nathan (guitars) and William (bass) had been espousing to each other incessantly about their undying love for obscure world of doom metal. Even though, at the time, both musicians at the time were in non-doom metal bands themselves (Atromorta & From Within/Reflux respectively). It wasn’t until 2002 when both schedules for the musicians were free and clear, did the creation of Withersoul finally take place. Rough instrumental demo tapes were sent around for musicians to hear. Because of these demos, kindred doomed souls Jeremy Shepard & Laura Jones (vocals) joined the band quickly.

The band gathered a great buzz off of and, with the completed home eight-track recordings of “Forever, I Will Burn” and “Now Yours…” in which both ranked highly on the metal charts for both sites. Riding off of the success of the home recordings, the band decided to go into the studio in separate sessions at the end of January and February of 2004 to record their first studio demo with Corey Smoot (who is Flattus Maximus of GWAR) at his Karma Studios in Richmond, Virginia. Not only did he record the band, but Corey also leant his shredding soloing lead guitar skills to the song “Forever, I Will Burn.” The demo was put on where it has been a mainstay within the top 20 on the Gothic and Heavy Metal charts. The band has also released the demo in a hand-numbered cd-r release, with plans heading back into the studio soon early 2005.

Initially just a studio band, the band has added Brett Garner (drums) and Jeremy Yeatts (lead guitar) of local Richmond band, Autumn Grey to complete the lineup. Now armed with full lineup of dedicated musicians, Withersoul are now mercilessly reeking pure doom mayhem amongst the unwitting masses with their sonic oppression at live shows all along the East Coast.

And there will be no survivors…
Your influences?
Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Killing Joke, Anathema, Septic Flesh, Dawn of Winter, Thergothon, Pentagram, Garden of Shadows, Lacuna Coil, Theater of Tragedy (old), Katatonia, Rotting Christ (old), My Dying Bride, Soilwork, Saint Vitus, Khanate, Rain Fell Within, Sunn o))), Skepticism, Opeth, the Obsessed, Paradise Lost (old), Blue Cheer, Celtic Frost, etc.
Favorite spot?
Switzerland for me...great people, wonderful scenery...greatest place on earth.. Though London is a close second. As for US cities, it'd be Chicago...
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