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STRATUS the Great
No Sunshine
New School
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Holler.....The Grizzly EP is for sale and can be found cheaply at any stratizzly performance in the bay area. The LP "Proper Introduction" is in the works and will be wuppin yo candy ass sometime in 2004...the Proper Introduction SNEAK PEAK SNIPPET DISC will be available alot sooner, you aint ready fooo!!!! The wonderful full length will feature production by Domingo, 60 cycle hum, pore, soul profess, ex-i, DJ illete and more. Hotness, PEACE
Why this name?
Because its mad jiggy and so am I...seems to work out
Do you play live?
uhhh yeah.
Dec 26th show in san francisco with weird people, slacker 9 camp, and rochus from joint custody
Jan 23rd show in san jose with okwerdz, slacker 9 camp, and joint custody
Jan 26th show in Kansas City with okweezy and mac lethal

more to be announced in between and more after. Come to a show and buy some cd's wussies!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
the robots are coming
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No I like hitting up kinkos, the people there are nice to me
Band History:
I BEEN having flava!!!
Your influences?
any dope hip hop, blues, classical, soul, some hard rock
Favorite spot?
I'm quite fond of the stage, and any hip hop event where cd's can be slanged
Anything else...?
support hip hop and love me
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