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Zlatko Jacimovic
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"Emona (2017-09-18) 6 tracks"
"Enigma (2017-10-04) 2 tracks"
"The Nations Fate (2017-10-08) 2 tracks"
"The Music (2018-01-17) 4 tracks"
"The Rogati Asan (2018-01-18) 11 tracks"
"Running Racoon (2018-01-19) 15 tracks"
"The43The (2018-01-20) 3 tracks"
"Give It Up (2018-01-22) 2 tracks"
"Rock That (2018-01-28) 10 tracks"
"The Zlatko Jacimovic (2018-02-01) 25 tracks"
"Niagara (2018-02-07) 11 tracks"
"The Now & Forever (2018-02-15) 7 tracks"
"Termometar (2018-02-25) 15 tracks"
"The Gold Religion (2018-05-05) 5 tracks"
"The Return (2018-05-25) 15 tracks"
"The Darianmaus (2018-06-06) 5 tracks"
"The Marko Mitrovic - Brvnik (2018-05-26) 5 tracks"
"Emona Top 40 (2018-07-26) 40 tracks"
"The Pavian (2018-07-27) 8 tracks"
"The Black&Red Enemy (2018-08-06) 8 tracks"
"The Enigma (2018-08-29) 16 tracks"
"Club Attack (2018-12-30) 14 tracks"
"Now & Forever (Remixes) (2018) 7 tracks"
"Emona Top 60 (2018)"
"The Remixes (2018)"
"The Gold Religion (2019)
"Emona (Remixes) (2019)
"Emona Top 80 (2019)"
"Don't Panic at The Disco (2019)"
"Enigma (Remixes) (2019)"
"The Call 1980 (2019)
"The Jump 1979 (2019)"
"The Spy 1970 (2019)"
"TheThe (2019)"
"This Is The Beginning (2019)"
"Feels So Good (2019)"
"Emona Top 100 (2020)

"Zlatko Jacimovic feat. Sisqo - Emona (2018)"
"Zlatko Jacimovic - The Return (2018)"
"Zlatko Jacimovic - Emona (2018)"
"Zlatko Jacimovic - Enigma (2018)"
"Zlatko Jacimovic - Club Attack (2019)"
"Zlatko Jacimovic - Now & Forever (2019)"

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"The Return" will be electro progressive house, vocal house, trance music album. With album "The Return" we return in music (out 25-05-2018).

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Emona started 1970 in Germany.
The label is now recognized as one of the scene's most respected and loved trance labels. Emona is currently one of the most successful new south & eastern Europe record labels, to date the record label has released a number of club hits which have become truly logged in the record boxes of many world tops djs. The label continues to be supported by many well know djs.

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Zlatko Jacimovic - Now & Forever 2018 Original Mix
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01/16/18 @ 03:01 AM     post a comment
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Title: The Now & Forever
Type: EP
Release Date: 2018-02-15
Pre-Order Date: 2018-01-25
Number of Tracks: 7
Primary Artist: Zlatko Jacimovic
Primary Genre: Electronic
Secondary Genre: House
No Sunshine
New School
Regular License $50 | Premium License $70 | Professional License $100.
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play hi-fi  Now & Forever 2018 (Original Mix)
play hi-fi  Running Raccoon (2018) (Original Mix)
play hi-fi  Enigma (Extended Mix)
play hi-fi  Now & Forever (Original Mix)
play hi-fi  Enigma (Original Mix)
play hi-fi  Emona (Extended Mix)
play hi-fi  The Nations Fate (Radio Edit)
play hi-fi  The Nations Fate (Vocal Edit)
play hi-fi  Emona (Original Mix)
play hi-fi  Technodrome (preview)
ZLATKO JACIMOVIC (started 1995) - 20 years producing electronic music, 7 years releasing and working with own record label called Emona Records. He has been involved in the electronic music scene for quite a long time. Today he cooperates with world famous DJ's and bands. In month december 2014 will be releasing an album called Now & Forever , which will be on sale in more than 50 Internet outlets. He combines his passion for music with several styles of dance to create a unique sound, not only heard, but felt by his listeners.?
Zlatko Jacimovic is born in Split, Croatia on August 29, 1987, is one of the most popular DJ's around the Southeastern Europe.
Trance, dance and house music are often combined into one category and are similar only in their use of experimental sounds and synthesizers along with driving and repetitive beat structures. He combine progressive trance, funky and electro styles. 10 years producing electronic music, 3 years releasing and working with world known labels. He has been involved in the electronic music scene for quite a long time. At the age of 6, he already played piano quite well and he kept taking lessons in classical and jazz ever since. In 1999, when he was only 12 years old, he started to contribute actively and played at various parties. In 2005, he set up his studio and began proffesional producing house and trance music and DJing around the world. During the summer 2006, Zlatko returned with his deep funky disco-house, which takes in elements from both funky and disco, and released 'Feels So Good'. 2009, is already set to be a very productive year with two releases scheduled for June on two of the most influential labels on the house scene. Nowadays Zlatko is quite a busy guy. Zlatko Jacimovic is an independent solo house nad trance artist / producer / remixer. Zlatko himself was raised on the masters. Growing up in a city of diverse music styles and around the musical talents of his father, he understands the importance of creating and experiencing music. Born to musican immigrants, music was a part of everyday life. Zlatko Jacimovic was playing Mozart Sonatas and composing his own music at the ripe old age of 11. He combines his passion for music with several styles of dance to create a unique sound, not only heard, but felt by his listeners. With the recent addition of singer / songwriter Serenity, the music continues to evolve, enlighten, and stimulate the spirit. However, while performing occasional benefit shows during those college years his music began to take off. As Zlatko realized that people would give him a chance , he took a leap of faith and rented out the largest concert hall in Munich and presented his own concert. But today Zlatko producing trance and house music….
Why this name?
Zlatko Jacimovic
Band History: (soon)
Zlatko Jacimovic - Official Photo
Zlatko Jacimovic, David Nelloms - Volition (2017)
Zlatko Jacimovic - Emona (weekly mixes)
Zlatko Jacimovic - The Return (CD) (2016)
Zlatko Jacimovic - inseCT- That's Maya (CD) (2017)
inseCT - Where's Bruno (CD)
Zlatko Jacimovic - Now & Forever (2014)
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