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NEWS   TOMMY JOHN EHMAN is now promoting his new radio single "Turn On The Radio" to country stations across Canada. Check out the video below! Also request it at your local country radio station. Thank you!
Turn On The Radio
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Brand new video for the current radio single 'Turn On The Radio' produced by TJE drummer Rod Mochoruk.
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Tommy John Ehman – sunsets, new horizons and the lines in between

"Tommy John Ehman is a passionate - pedal to the metal - type of performer who gives his all from note one to the end of the night. His love of country and his tales of the good people who live in it shine in exceptionally well-crafted songs” Mark Schmidt - Assistant Entertainment Buyer, Casino Regina
- Casino Regina and Moose Jaw
“I see the world as a canvas of stories and events that shape our lives and make us who we are, and that’s the inspiration that makes me want to, or have to, write songs.”

Songwriting has always come easy to Tommy John Ehman and that songwriting has formed the basis for what has become a long and fulfilling career of writing, performing and traveling for this Saskatchewan based and “wear-it-on-his-sleeve”, recording artist.

It’s been a slow and steady rise from humble beginnings to where we find TJE now, here in 2010. With a new album, his fifth, titled “Turn On The Radio” about to be released, filled with creative, catchy and radio friendly material he’s crafted from his own life’s experiences, 2010 is sure to be the start of a new and exciting chapter in his lifelong, steady musical journey.

One Step Back – sunsets…

Tommy’s passion for his country and the soldiers who keep us safe and protected was the inspiration for his 4th studio album, “Wheels of Life.” Released in 2008, this highly successful effort saw 4 songs released to Canadian country radio each of which charted and received airplay across the country, The catchy and patriotic track about the love for his country, Canada called “Stand Up For Your Country” reached as high as number 60 on the CanCon country music charts and was well-received by music directors from coast to coast. The record was produced by Brad Prosko at B-Rad studio in Regina, SK and boasted Bruce Springsteen’s bass player Garry Tallent on bass guitar!

The musical journey that we referred to really began in 1996 with the release of Tommy’s first recording titled “Wasted Nights,” a 10 song collection of country rock tracks from his early, but growing song book. Then again in 2002 a new CD “To The Wall” was released and as with the first record Tommy and his band Idle Rains toured in support of the release. 2005 brought his third disc, a heart-felt, passionate acoustic tribute to Saskatchewan and Canadian farm families he called “Like Father; Like Son.” “Having grown up on a farm in rural Saskatchewan, it was my dream for a number of years to write a record about the men and women who work the land and produce the food that we eat. I’m extremely proud of this album and really just wanted to say thanks to the farmers, and I think we did that!”

Tommy has been “behind the mic” for many years and has really come into his own as a performer and entertainer. His high energy, passionate and “no one goes home unhappy” mantra, has earned the respect of audiences wherever the road may take him and his guitar.

From the International Farm Equipment Show in Toronto, ON, to the Swift Current Fringe Festival, to opening slots with Doc Walker and Aaron Pritchett, to the Taste of Saskatchewan Festival in Saskatoon, SK, to clubs and cabarets across western Canada, TJE and his band have taken their music to the people and the people have always answered with rousing applause of approval!

“Turn On The Radio” - new horizons…

The new recording project titled “Turn On The Radio” is being produced by Brian Joseph Dobbs of Los Angeles, California who has honed his recording skills working with famed Canadian producer Bob Rock. He brings a wealth of experience having worked with high profile artists like Metallica, Bon Jovi, Tal Bachman, Edgar Winter, Clint Black and AC/DC to name just a few.
This new collection of 8 solid neatly crafted, radio ready tracks and again all written by Tommy is poised to make a splash on the Canadian country music scene in 2010 and beyond.
“As with all my records, it’s an exciting process to watch my songs grow and come alive before our eyes. Brian (Dobbs) has really done an amazing job with these songs and I’m excited to get them out there. I know I always say it but I really do think this is my best record yet!!”

“Life”- the lines in between…

Each day of our lives brings new challenges that we have to face, head on, and with conviction to overcome the adversity and get set for another day. Everyone faces those challenges in their own way and for Tommy that’s his music.
Songwriting and performing are his therapy. “Sometimes it, (life), can be overwhelming and sometimes it can be exhilarating but in each there is a song and for me that’s the key. If my song can make someone laugh, cry, reflect or to just help get through their day, then I’ve accomplished what I set out to do!”

In late 2005 Tommy was diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition called retinitis pigmentosis, (RP) which with time will lead to partial or near blindness. As of now there is no known cure for RP and although debilitating it hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his musical dreams. With a team of dedicated musicians and friends Tommy is able to continue to write, record and perform his music.

Somewhere a stage is calling, somewhere a song is just begging to be written and somewhere a road is stretching out endlessly over the horizon, and that’s where you’ll find…Tommy John Ehman!
Band History:
Tommy John Ehman has been a working musician for more that a decade with many miles and many stages behind him.
From humble beginings in cover song bands to recording and touring to promote the music, Tommy John Ehman has come a long way and worked hard to get his music to the people. It is an exciting time and we look forward to getting this new CD, "Wheels of Life" out to our new and loyal fans.

Your influences?
Tommy is a singer/songwriter and has been for over two decades going back to a young teenager. Early infuences were country writers like Merle Haggard,Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings. As country moved into country rock and roots rock Tommy's influences became artists like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Steve Earle, John Mellencamp, Gordon Lightfoot, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty. His music reflects this style of music and writing and it's a genere that Tommy is proud to be a part of.
Live at SCMA awards - 2009
Turn On The Radio - 2010
Wheels of Life CD - 2008
Garry Tallent of the E Street band and TJE
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TJE - Like Father Like Son promo
TJE and Idle Rains
Rob, TJE, Aaron Pritchette, Rod, Jodi
Live at the Toronto farm show
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