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play lo-fi play hi-fi  My crime story
play lo-fi play hi-fi  Thugs holiday
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High Blazin ent. mothaf***as.


Kosti Piirainen aka KP aka Don P.

This young Finnish beatmaker/ rapper was born on November 29th, 1983 in Saint Petersburg, Russia (then Soviet Union). He spent his early years there before moving to Finland, which was the country of his father. Don P resided in Oulu on the West Coast of Finland for a few years before moving back and forth between South and North West. Finally his mother took him and his little brother to Porvoo, just outside the Finnish Capital City of Helsinki.
In his early teens he got intrested in rap music and how make it himself. He started writing rhymes and making beats on his computer software. The guitarlessons he had took back in St. Petersburg helped him compose songs but his strongest points came to be in sampling. After years of practice, experimenting and eploring his skills have upgraded greatly. Listening to old vinyls every day and all the time searching for tight sounds have taken a toll on his bank account but brought a nice library of samples.
Don P uses his ears wisely as he takes a record from the shelf and plays it on his turntables. After finding something he can use he puts the vinyl back in the shelf and starts hitting the pads on his MPC2000XL. After a couple of twists of knobs and push of buttons he has something fresh, something new, tight and original, made by using old records.
Though he credits Mobb Deep and other Queensbridge acts his biggest musical influences (which of course have contributed to his sound), he’s not limited to one style of sound. In fact his strongest point is the versatility of his production, ranging from Wu-Tang style beats to Rocafella style and even Down South style club sound.
His affection towards all music shows in his work, as some instrumentals have a strong Caribbean vibe to them and others loop heavy electric guitars or soothing soulful sounds of blues or jazz.
After all this kid shows dedication for music since he puts most of his hard earned bucks into old records and new equipment. Sometimes as dedicated as possible as his ”I make a beat today and eat tomorrow”-frame of mind shows. This cat is truly mad about music.

KP's producer credits include acts such as:

Shabazz the disciple Remix album
Sun R.A. Prisoners of war album ( GUERRILLA FUNK)
Sun R.A. Stop 7"
Crimewave records 12"
Paragon ( )
Nakokulma ( )
Davel Skillz ( )
Lost Emissary
Why this name?
it was given to me when I was born and I have a KP scar on my left cheek... damn I hate those gipsys.
Do you play live?
jep. all around finland in clubs, of course i like it.. no.. i love it. every moment on the stage is special.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
its really good for Underground cats but when it comes to the bands from major labels then its not really hot.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
no doubt!
Band History:
i´ve been doing beats since 1999.
Your influences?
Kanye West, RZA, Havoc, Premo, Just Blaze and all dope producers
Equipment used:

MPC 2000XL
Anything else...?
Check this sh*** out.

High Blazing

Conz a.k.a Ill Lyricist

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