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play hi-fi  D.T.R (Define the Relationship) Pre Relase :)
play hi-fi  Papyrus NEW Version 2013 :)
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A guy from Surftown, CA meets up with some crazy Texans, and this is what you get! We call it "Mutt Music"! Ultimately we bring life to music, making reality a part of all that we are. Too much fluff music is out there, and its time that some bands with a heart for being real with themselves and others step up. This is all about bringing the realities of life to a lyrical interchange.

Collectively BOB! includes the multitalents of some of Fort Worth's premier artists. Zac Elliott on Electric Guitar and backup vocals has played with multiple bands, and is featured on the 'Foxy Morons', playing bass with 'Benevolence' as well as our first venture "The LongBoard Longhorns'. Chris "CykoKirby" Smith whails on bass and also plays with 'AdoTheos'. Jon Eric Pettersson is the drummer, and he kicks some major beats. Hes also known as the master of cymbals and a connoisseur of many. George Book, Jr. flies on lead guitar and keyboards (when we get them). David Walters is the man on Percussions and backup vocals as well. Finally, Shane Anderson is the lead vocalist, rythym guitarist, and main lyricist. Althought this venture includes all these talents, many times the band goes without one or two or picks up others.
Why this name?
Collectively we are all a bunch of bodies longing to be somebody. And the only way we can be anything is through someone. Through Christ we become a bunch of believers :) Plus it sounded cool! Were all about randomness, and this was as random as it comes!
Do you play live?
We play venues wherever we can. We even have played a few night sidewalk ventures with our guitars open for some food money. We've mainly played at band battles, and coffee houses. Right now we are accepting invites for the 2005 Summer. Please respond if you like us!!

email :
FOR booking, events, shows :)O
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I believe it is an excellent way of keeping music pure and real. It allows undercover bands to bring in their artistry and showcase their talents. It also is a viable venue of providing for independant musicians who are looking for a place to have their stuff heard.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Probably not at this time, although we wouldn't shy away from talks with anyone interested.
Band History:
I, Shane, started out playing with friends of mine at Cal. Baptist College. I had opportunities to sing with Todd Bush (Lousy Days), play/sing with Andrew Shirley and Dex Alexander (All Together Seperate), and started with three of these guys( Zac, JonEric, and Chris) as The LongBoard LongHorns (Still retain that name at some venues, so don't go stealing it! HA!!). We decided to finally use all of us in one collective unit for releasing a demo, and eventually leading us wherever it may.
Your influences?
Sound like nothing else you've ever heard, and a little bit like you have!

LifeHouse, John Maher, Counting Crows, Dave Matthews Band, Collective Soul, All together Seperate, Cover Band, Green Day, Reliant K.
Favorite spot?
Favorite spot: The toilet, the dining room table, or my bed.
Favorite city: Kalispell, MT; Santa Barbara, CA
Equipment used:
Acoustic Electric Guitar, Jazz Electric Guitar, Electric Fender, Bass Guitar, Congos and Bongos, Drums, Cymbals, Vocal Chords (musically and sound effects).
Anything else...?
We would like to thank: God for granting us life and the greatest gift of all life. Thanks for forgiving and setting us free, thank you for giving your love for me and all. Our parents for giving birth to us and providing us with the skill and ability to go out and do whatever. Sandals Church for giving me the opportunity to restore my relationship and help others be real. Club 412, Galaxy Club, Travis Ave., South Hills, Citiview, Johnny Derouen (Thanks for being a mentor and a friend), SouthTown Fellowship (the greatest), and all the venues that have given us and will give us a place to play. Finally we would like to thank those of you who have gone ahead of us, given us direction, and the musical support. These include Todd Bush (Lousy Days), Dex Alexander (All Together Seperate), and Shane and Shane (Bernard Band). And most of all you!!
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