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Uncommon ft. Cory Jones *Hook & Bridge*
Instrumentals with Hooks
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PhoeniX CrookedCross Demo
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play hi-fi  Unholy
play hi-fi  Never Do
play hi-fi  Unfinished Track - Mix Sample
play hi-fi  A verse for Big Easy (Re-MIXED)
play hi-fi  World Wide Collaboration - beat
play hi-fi  M.O.B feat Xero & Izzy White
play hi-fi  What If snippet
play hi-fi  I'm On Fire
play hi-fi  X-GAY
play hi-fi  Who U Calling bi***?
I'm looking to make an impact in the world of entertainment. Success for me is a matter of life or death.
Why this name?
The name PhoeniX, came from the only real farther figure I had growing up. He said it will mean a lot to me in the future, and it has.
I got real depressed in '96. So depressed I thought about and even tried to take my own life. But like the story of the phoenix, I rose from the ashes and got back to my feet even stronger and more focused than I was before. So my man was right. I wish I could thank him for that in person. But I guess I’m going to have to wait till I die and we can ride again. RIP.
As for the CrookedCross, well as every one knows the Cross is a symbol of god and a cross that’s up side down is a symbol of the Devil. Well, I’m a Gemini, a typical Gemini. There’s a good side to me and there’s a bad. So in away I’m 50 50. I’m half good and I’m half evil. Deep!
Feel me.
Do you play live?
Yeah, I rocked a small club once. It's true what people say about performing live, you get a rush from it there’s nothing in the world that can compare to it..
Band History:
I first started rapping in late ’94 but only started to take it serous over the last few years. I’ve had people tell me I’m amazing and other’s told me I was crap. Either way I’m still focused on becoming something big in the music game.
Your influences?
All Kinds of music has motivated me to make my own but I would say the one person to influence me the most has to be Tupac. Do I need to say any more?
Equipment used:
Samplitude 7.0 Professional
Anything else...?
Respect and love gose out to all my bros! LINKS BELOW!

Xero | D.Chesron | Kapone | Minardi | Jae'Mel - Smuggling Beat Records
YGB YoungBugzy
Triple Threat
Fast Cee
MC Nomadic
DJ Depth
Terrible Twos

Plus, I'm on the look out for talented female rappers/singers to do a few songs with.
So if you are female and you got skills, just come & holla at me.
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