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Crashed to Earth in our year of 1965. Hibernated. Emerged in '98 inside human host bodies. For some unknown reason, started playing abrasive, instrumental surf-punk.

Typical show= 13 songs, 17 minutes.

Why creatures from outer space would neglect all of the usual stereotypes of alien invasion behavior- i.e.- slaughtering the masses, enslaving humanity, breeding giant lobsters- only to play in a "punk rock" band is not understood. . .
Why this name?
Without us,,,You would DIE!
Do you play live?
Detroit, Michigan / midwest USA
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
the intro-web?

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
throw us some digits and figures you coniving business heads....
Band History:

Little is known about what caused these humans to be chosen for "duty" by alien beings. Hosts enter a fugue state with compulsive tendencies which could be refered to as "Parasite-Induced-Somnambulistic-Trance" (or P.I.S.T.) and can be likened to sleepwalking. They have a strict doctrine of not communicating verbally with humans under any circumstances, and should be considered very dangerous.

Your influences?
DEVO, Dick Dale, The Mummies, The Dwarves, bands with no vocals...
Equipment used:
theremin. Fender guitar & bass. Yamaha drums.
Anything else...?
peep these:
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