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I go by the name jayburn. Im just a local kid from the forgotten borough of staten island. Im a blogger, writer and of course a rapper.
Why this name?
Honesty.. Jayburn came from me but at first i didn't like it. Then one of my teacher said "jayburn.. Turn tp page 67 and read" since then i been know by jayburn than my first name.
Do you play live?
I perform many times since becoming a rapper but i hope to get into the stage more this year. I enjoy it overall. It was a learning experience and it gives you a field of the level of excitement. My special moment was when i first perform. I was the last dude to perform and it was almost 4am and not that many people around. I got on the stage with my friend black ant tha prophet and perform two tracks.. A great moment that night.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Well.. It given more artists an opportunity to get more exposure out there outside of the city. The downside is that too many great talent is being passed up by talentless people but that's my opinion..
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Maybe... I don't know. 50/50, i would hope so when everything works well but if im able to vet a contract as a indie artist then that's where i will be at. Not a huge fan at all on 360 deals..
Band History:
Founded the group and label Victory Means Greatness on November 22, 2010. drop my first demo track on the same day.

Drop my first studio track in august of 2011
Drop my first mixtape "it's a cold day in hell" on december 21, 2012
Drop my second mixtape "burn season : the j.a.b. tapes" on December 30, 2013
Drop my third mixtape "the illest dynamic duos ep" with black ant tha prophet in june 2014

started the label "respect the ladder" September 2014

Drop my fourth mixtape "burn season 2 : lyrical outbreak" june 1, 2015
Your influences?
mf doom, lupe fiasco, d.w. coop, nas, big.l
Favorite spot?
don't matter
Equipment used:
My book, my mic, my pen... Watch me create life.
Anything else...?
Add me. Holla at the rebel.
now im 4x jrtm winner.
at the s.i.t.h. and wavy begal music video
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