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Clear Reception
Nights in Berlin
New School
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As of yet, this is strictly a name for an Electronic Collective consisting of 3 artists: Dividdy (me, your tour guide), Warpsire, and Kelrod. Often times the music will be political, leaning to the left, or be used as an outlet to deal with the existenial angst of everday life, but first and foremost, simply, to have fun.
Why this name?
Electronic music is all about the mind. With the advent of modern musical technology and equipment, whatever you can dream of hearing, feel like hearing, discover hearing, is now possible to be heared, blared out or bumped to on your stereo.

Clear Reception is us describing just that. Musicians try to give the clearest possible score of our mind to you, the one on the receiving end.
Do you play live?
Hells yes.

Anywhere. Especially, me and Warpsire. We do it all the time until we realize how stupid we sound for Beatboxing and dragon punch the other one for instigating that shxt.

Do you like it?
Yea, I like it. It's fun to act like a jackass with a good friend, even if you are sober.

Any special moments?
If you consider being bored a special moment.
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