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Why this name?
It's a fun name because I live in the Zuivelstraat (Dairy Street). We used to have a weekly cattle market in the centre of Purmerend, and it's also only a few miles away from Edam (cheese); that's why I came up with the name: DAIRY BEAT.
Do you play live?
Lately just a little at home, when arthritis and stiffness in my hand permits!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
There's no need for a Record Label anymore to release your music, or to be 'told' what's available for you to listen to...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
What I did/do is just a hobby, I don't have the talent for that and I'm to old.
Band History:
I started DAIRY BEAT (previous Dairybeat) in 2002, after I had left a cover band, for whom I'd played rhythm guitar for about 2 years.
My first solo 'gig' was in 2002 at my mum's 80st birthday party. I wrote special Dutch lyrics for her on The Beatles's song: Hey Jude, it became: He Ma. My mum passed away on 24-11-2014, 92 years old.
Your influences?
I like many musical stiles and artists, really too many to mention, but we all have musical 'heroes', so do I, and my main 3 are: The Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison, The Beatles.
Because of these 3 names I gave you, you might guess that a strong melody and good vocals in a song are important for me, so I think that these 3 have influenced me most in my musical tastes.
Favorite spot?
Agios Nicolaos in Crete, Greece. A pretty little town at the sea, surrounded by mountains. With mainly friendly people, who nearly all speak English or try to! I loved cycling there, the last time was in 2001.
Equipment used:
Guitar: Tanglewood - Heritage TW1000 SRH B.
Anything else...?
All the gear that I used for recording, or that I wont use again because of my hand problem, has been sold.
Jason Scott
Diana Krall
The Beatles
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'Dutch-Country', Rock & Pop from The Netherlands.

DAIRY BEAT, a 'One Man Band', is: Andre H. Hofman on Guitars/Keyboard/Arranging/Producing & Recording.

From January till May 2004 I recorded 15 songs, 12 are mine with also lyrics by my Scottish/Dutch wife Avril Hofman-Anderson. 1 Song is part Cover, part the 2 of us, and 2 are full covers. On vocals and most lead guitar, I was helped by friends, for which I am very grateful. That same year in May, I 'released' on 'Dairy Records' my Cd: The Attic Sounds. I hope you will like my music, and please keep in mind that my Cd was only a fun project, for which I had no experience, and apart from the lead and rhythm guitars, I had to record my backing band on a Casio keyboard using its 48 Casio Chords...!
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