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DJ OutSource
Expansion by OutSource featured on CBS Sports
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James Stewart Profile - CBS Sports - featuring Expansion by OutSource
New School
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OutSource - Composer/Producer/DJ
OutSource music style can be described as high energetic, futuristic, atmospheric & cinematic. OutSource specializes in
Drum&Bass/Electronica but has a diverse style from Hip Hop, Techno, Ambient, & Film Music. The music is always first priority
for OutSource & he is dedicated to constant improvement & reaching new boundaries.
OutSource's hard work & dedication for his music has lead him to compose music for CBS Sports, Clear Channel, Court TV, MTV, Nintendo
CMT, The Discovery Channel & many extreme Sports DVDs. This is just the beginning for OutSource. His goal is to keep providing
quality music for all forms of media, including TV, Film & Video Games.

TGO - Industrial Strength (Special Edition) Music Composer No Fear Films
Rhythm & Blitz Music Composer Secret Knock/Media link Entertainment
The Great Outdoors - The Constant War Music Composer No Fear Films
The Constant War - Special Edition Music Composer No Fear Films

Amped Mobile Supercross Season 2006 Music Composer CBS Sports
Combat Zone - Invasion of Grenada Music Composer Discovery Channel/Military Channel
Combat Zone - Battle of Tal Afar Music Composer Discovery Channel/Military Channel
Combat Zone - A Tight Spot Music Composer Discovery Channel/Military Channel
LA Forensics - Super Print Music Composer Court TV/ Vantage Point Productions
Travis TV Music Composer - MTV/Viacom
America's Best Dance Crew - MTV/Viacom
James Stewart Profile Music Composer CBS Sports
Why this name?
I was a business major in college so OutSource is just a term they use in business when a company seeks another party to handle business.
Its nothing too deep. It fits me because I like to think "out"side the box & try to create my own style. The name OutSource seems to acutally make sense now since I do freelance composing for major production companies, so they use me as an outsource for music.
Do you play live?
Yeah, I've been playing alot around the L.A. area. So far I've played at Respect, the biggest drum&bass weekly in L.A., which was a special moment because it was my birthday & it was Rinse Magazine release party w/ Concord Dawn.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Yes it can be good and bad. Its good because new artist can promote and network without even leaving the house for free. It's easy to contact major players in the game & submit tunes through AIM. Alot of artist are getting deals by submiting tunes via AIM. The internet is the most effective way to promote clubs & parties also. By the time we spend money on flyers, most people already know about the parties because they seen it online. The internet can be bad for record sales of course. I can't remember the last time I bought someones mix cd, you can download a ton of mixes online for free.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes it would be nice to have a company putting in work for me while I make beats all day.
Your influences?
Hip Hop from early eighties - now
Photek, Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware, Good Looking Rec, Moving Shadow & every artist that has ever put songs out on those labels.
My Dad Wilbert Fletcher Jr who is a famous jazz percussionist.
Favorite spot?
NYC - L.A.
Equipment used:
PC,Oxygen 8 Midi Keyboard
Anything else...?
For more info on OutSource & upcoming tv/film & game projects visit the offical website at
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