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Saber Vs Medevil GRB RD 2
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Tue Jan 06, 2009
HipHop : Battles/Disses
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» highest in charts:   # 107   (1,768,600 songs currently listed in HipHop)
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Ayo he was like “man I don’t even want to battle, Wahhhhhhh”

Ayo this feeble minded f*** from new york will get scarred/
In the game for this long you need to Jet like Brett Farve/
Yea im new to these parts, but you win is unlikely/
He thinking cuz im light, that its cool to take me lightly/
Aint nothing here exciting, bout the way you be rhyming/
Man id rather wanna hear Laws and Amy when they fighting/
And I heard all of my name flips, you prolly on the same shit/
So many ‘Light’ lines, why you think they hold no weight bi***/
Save your silly antics bi***, bi***in like a female be/
Im getting rid of Medevil like the 16th century/
Eventually he’ll learn he’s the wack among people/
When im done your mini-me gonna need a doctor evil/
Gonna need a med to treat you, beat you with a rhyme
I’ll eat you on your watch I don’t mean medevil times/
This little faggots shook “ I don’t wanna battle saber”/
I’ll kill your fam and pile on the bodies like some rugby players/
Saber taking over yea you should give up your spot/
Cuz there aint no excuses for the service you just got/
And hes Live Live, yea Live from New York/
After this he wont be alive anymore/
Dawg you better show up and watch me destroy you/
He don’t want to be in the tourney, well I’ll grant that wish for you/
Sure you, were predicted to win/
So where the Jets, and look what the f*** happen to them/
Im smacking his chin, talk sh*** you get popped/
Stuff your mouth with hundreds, so you can stop with all the cheap talk/
Hes hott? Na.. aint worth a damn mention/
This a bigger upset than stomach acid indigestion/
And im taking up suggestions on his burial preference/
F*** it, leave him at the bottom of the flow he cant rap with/

I’ve had it with medevil, always thinking that he’s tough/
He couldn’t get fans to get they hands together with a pair of handcuffs/
Bitch you need to man up, im spittin flow is lethal/
You wont see the third like a horrible sequel/
This fag said “I don’t really wanna battle, I have other things to handle”/
Like lookin for a job to support my wife and child/
Switch up your style
And quit taking every female supply of f***ing midol/
You’ll never be idolized I spit harder/
You’ll need blue shields like mega mans armor/
Dawg this sh*** is over, you aint comin close to victory/
I speak no evil, see no evil hear no evil please, leave/
This emcees thinking im a walk in the park/
He gets picked on and spit on when he walks in the park/
So he chose a name like evil to try and make him look hard/
F***in geek stop the music utilize your book card/
Heres an idea play with matches run with scissors, play in traffic
F*** it remove your f***in bedroom mattress tags/
Anything to help us get rid of this gay fag/
Your getting sonned I wont use a line reference to dads/
Ga-damn I wont brag but I won and that’s that/