(NEW)Slat(Lil Baby x Young Thug x Gunna Type Beat)
New School
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play hi-fi  Bassin'
play hi-fi  Unchained by Diezel and the Crypt Keepers
play hi-fi  The Patriot
play hi-fi  Attack of the Wife Eating Chatterbaits
play hi-fi  RR1
play hi-fi  Greatness of the Yankees
play hi-fi  Bogner 101B Clean Channel and Blue Plexi Mode
play hi-fi  101B 80s Riff
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My name is Rob and I am a studio musician and music producer from Dallas, Texas. I play mainly guitar and bass but also play some keyboards and arrange all of the drum parts on my material. All of my material (unless notes) has been recorded in my studio.

I use mainly Tom Anderson, GMW and ESP custom guitars, Warwick basses, Diezel, VHT and Bogner amplification, Bogner Cabs and TC Electronics and Fulltone effects. For direct recording I sometimes use a POD XT.

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Your influences?
Randy Rhoads (RIP), Jeff Beck, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, George Lynch, Gary Moore, Shawn Lane (RIP), Brent Mason, Tony MacAlpine, Steve Morse, Richie Blackmore, Marty Friedman, Megadeth, Ozzy and The Darkness.
Favorite spot?
New York, New York
Maui, HI
Miami, FL