The Spaced Haitians
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Why this name?
We thought that being Haitian, and yet being outcasts in our native Haiti, for the abstract music we create..NO STEEL DRUMS IN OUR BAND!!!
Do you play live?
The Spaced Haitians DO plan on playing live in the future..!!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's caused the way people think about music to change immediately
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
DuPaul Claude Baptiste... Guitar, Vocals, Synths
Gary St.Bertrand Duvey....Percussion, Radio,
samples, Electric Horn
Fresner Weeks III.........Bass Guitar, Synths,
Keyboards, Found Sounds
Papa Johan St.Davies......Inspiration

The Spaced Haitians were formed in 2001 by 3 Haitian boat immigrants of the coast of South Florida. Starting from a flotilla of 48 Haitians..(making landfall with 27.....21 died at sea for various reasons). During the week-long trek, 4 like-minded musicians from Port Au Prince, Haiti, began writing music at sea together out of boredom...Between the sun, hunger, illness, poisioning, The writing between these 4 musicians became a bit skewed. Only able to write the sounds in their heads on paper, the 4 Haitians wrote until the killing of 4th member, Papa Johan, by a Shark attack that killed 11 people...
Once in Florida, The guys met up at a friends fledgling recording studio, and began work on an album documenting the harrowing experience at sea.

Using primitive equipment at a friends house in Liberty City, Florida, The Haitians began to record their debut album..ETERNAL DRIFT and SUMMER
in dedication to Papa Johan.

Your influences?
Legendary Pink Dots, Estradasphere, Ruins, Faust, Mats Morgan, Isao Tomita, Can, Japan, BraceFace,
and all of our friends on Sea Escape!!
Favorite spot?
Their are no spots we like for long..
Equipment used:
Guitars, Bass, Drum Machines, Samples, Radio, Found Sounds, Vocoder, Synthesizers, hand drums
Anything else...?
"The weak sweater is a frog of silver corndogs!!"
.....These were the last words of Papa Johan as he was pulled under by a Shark!

(Translated from Haitian..English might be off!)

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