Doubt and the Death of Certainty
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Formed after a long time playing apart, Wesley Webb and Ben Kennedy reunite to create improvisational EPs of guitar synergy. Doubt and the Death of Certainty is a dynamic group that combines lush acoustic guitars and an inventive, shifting prog-rock structure for a unique sound.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
In our case, it's the only way for people to hear our music.
Band History:
In 1996, Kennedy (vocals) and Webb (guitar) joined forces for the first time in a folk group called Keychain. Keychain disbanded shortly thereafter. Their next band, Nevernoise, formed in early 1998 with two Kennedy brothers and two Webb brothers, lasted until 1999 with the one-off release of their 4-song EP, House of Cards. Kennedy went on to form Small-Town Dogma, and Webb bounced between local punk and emo bands until 2003. Doubt and the Death of Certainty first appeared at a small house show during the summer of 2002, but did not settle on an "official" style until the recording of Still in March 2003. It was decided that each song would be one take, titled afterwards, with minimal postproduction. The "songs" were generated spontaneously, and in large part because of that, Still remains one of their proudest moments as musicians. It is so titled because after many years apart as musicians, Kennedy and Webb still had their trademark synergy. Rediscovering this synergy led to Wes joining Small-Town Dogma in summer of 2003. The next Doubt and the Death of Certainty did not surface until April 2004, with the recording of Monsoon, much in the same fashion as Still. Seven songs later and some exploration into percussion, harmonica, and extensive improvised lyrics, Kennedy and Webb bring a new flavor to the already distinctive Doubt sound. Monsoon is now available for download.
Your influences?
According to maybe-someday third member Kaveh: pared-down Jim O'Rourke, acoustic Sonic Youth, early Beck, I Mother Earth
Favorite spot?
Merchant's Square? :-)
Equipment used:
One mic, two guitars, and a keyboard. Occasionally we vocalize. For Monsoon, we added some percussion, a tabletop fan, a doorstop, and a harmonica.
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