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We live in a world where there are many creative, talented music enthusiast's all looking for the magical key to successful careers. It's a very crowded field in an overly saturated market. Yet, more often than not, someone finds the key through some unorthodox way. My goals are to cultivate these methods through innovative ideas to accomplish this. One thing for sure, you got to be in it to win it.
Podo The Polka Dot Bear & Santa! - J Gale Kilgore
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11/24/07 @ 05:50 PM     2 comments
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A Christmas Video Of 'PODO THE MAGICAL POLKA DOT BEAR' Helping 'SANTA' Deliver The Toys To The 'Girls & Boys'
Gummy Beatz
What You Mean To Me (Original Guitar)
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Harry Eckert aka Spud Martin
18 Bradford Street
West Seneca, New York 14224 USA
Phone - 716 824 1385
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"A Little About Me!"

In my heyday I had a country band. We played just for the fun of it and due to a walk down the isle and other commitments we disbanded and went our separate ways.
Later I found great delight collaborating with selected songwriters and artists, and involved in all facets of the music industry.
My song catalog is vast and ever changing with new songs in all genres. My music connections to the Major and Indy markets are well received.
I take great pleasure working with A&R Representatives, artists and music media, always searching for, "That Perfect Song For That Very Special Project"!


This Website is dedicated to Mary and Jesus, my inspiration in the day to day hurdles along life's difficult journey!

Your influences?
Anything else...?

---------------------------Virgin Mary Testimonial – My True Experience--------------------------------------------------Revised – January 1, 2013

I’ve written this article in honor and thanks to Virgin Mary for taking my prayer requests to her Son, Jesus Christ, for his consideration & the legions of Virgin Mary admirers who understand their close relationship. The extrovert in me wants to tell the whole world; the introvert in me tells me to say nothing. My conscious & love of Virgin Mary tells me to follow my heart in relaying this true story. She’s been my life’s counselor, and the following is a happening when my life wasn’t going very well. I never expected the following.

Virgin Mary Testimonial

Without due diligence, back in the sixties, I bought an expensive self-service Laundromat franchise, guaranteeing the loan by my signature. It was doomed before it opened with inherent problems beyond my control, and I could not undo the deal. I struggled with this Laundromat for well over a year. My finances and other extra loans were depleted trying to keep it afloat. Operational expenses out shadowed income by hundreds of dollars per month. There were no quick solutions, without further infusion of money that I didn’t have. Legal action, foreclosure and bankruptcy were just around the corner.

During this time I devotedly prayed to an attractive statue of Virgin Mary in this church that was built and dedicated to her. A prayer of her, the Memorare, was one of my lifelong favorites. It goes:

“REMEMBER, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thy intercession was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly to thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother; to thee do I come; before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen.”

Trusting her and the Memorare, I made Novena’s, Station’s Of the Crosses, Daily Masses, and countless Rosary’s, in desperation of her help. I awoke praying to her in the morning and during many sleepless nights.

Then this one Sunday during mass, her demeanor was different. When I looked up at her, she seemed to be alive looking at me with a very real-life smile and her eyes looked so alive. I didn’t expect this, and looked away several times to see her gone, but she appeared that way during the entire Mass and well after.

I was overwhelmed at what I was seeing, telling myself, I’m really not seeing this. I wondered if anyone else saw her but lacked the courage to ask. My eyes were not deceiving me because I could read the VDB letters on a 1909 wheat cent penny without a magnifying glass. It looked like she was acknowledging my pleas and telling me everything was going to be okay, but that seemed impossible knowing my situation. But, I couldn’t help trusting her in what I was seeing and left with a
comforting feeling she was in charge. I told no one. Two days later, I received an encouraging phone call from a most unlikely person, eventually leading to a resolution to the whole thing. Finally after over a year and a half the monster was gone. I know how bizarre this sounds, but that’s exactly what happened.

Through the years I’ve been very reluctant to talk about it for obvious reasons. I’m not particularly adept at this sort of thing and a very knowledgeable scholar I confided in gave me this well-meaning advice:

“Enjoy these experiences of faith, and that you have no obligation to share those publicly; that you have indeed struggled through many years of your life, and that it is wonderful to know that your faith has been very real and close to you. People might consider this a “kooky” experience, and sharing those personal expressions of faith can be very difficult and even embarrassing; that sometimes these personal experiences create even further harm to others and to ourselves".

I understand the “kooky” thing, the absurdity of it all, and his advice, and said nothing for many years. But saying nothing, my conscious bothered me and that maybe she would like this to be told. Virgin Mary is known for her interventions through her son, Jesus, and I feel this is one more and only strengthens my appreciation and love for her and her son, Jesus.

There are some things I’ll always remember from this experience; that I really saw this apparition of Virgin Mary, and that I’ve tried many times unsuccessfully the many years to see it again, and that Jesus always listens to his mother.

I’ve taken great care to present this in a most accurate truthful manner.

Harry Eckert
18 Bradford Street
West Seneca, New York 14224

This statue of Virgin Mary resides at:
Blessed John XXlll Parish
Harlem Rd. & Arcade St.,
West Seneca, New York 14224


Artist Wayne Carter

A Little Interesting Fact About Wayne Carter Who Is One Of My Featured Artists, Personal Friend & Co-Writer.

From The Pen Of:
Wayne “Willie Who” Carter

In the late 1970's, I visited "Willie's Pool Hall" in Austin TX, which was owned and operated by Mom and Pop Nelson; Willie's Dad and stepmother. Pop invited a few musicians to have a JAM session. About 5 or 6 showed up, including my brother, Leon Carter, and myself.

We were having a fun time until someone requested we do one of Willie's songs. (I don't recall which one it was.) Pop said, "I don't think we know that one." I whispered in his ear "I do." Then Pop said, "wait a minute, maybe we do." He asked me to sing it, and the band followed along nicely. They knew how to play it. When we were done, the guy that requested it came up with a smile and dropped $5.00 in the kitty jar. That meant we all could have another beer.

Mom yelled from behind the bar: "I've got me another Willie!" The waitress asked, "That's what I'm gonna call him, "Willie Who?" That's where I got my nickname and this is the truth.

Not everyone is a fan of Willie Nelson. I respect and can appreciate that. There are many others that I love and enjoy hearing their songs. Might even do one now and then when performing.

Have had on many occasions, when doing some of Willie's songs, people come up and say, "You sound just like Willie, only better." Well, thank you. Sometimes I ask, "Willie Who?" They say Nelson! I say "Gotcha!" Its a fun thing. I do it every chance I get.

I perform and do mostly Willie Nelson songs. They say I sound like him. I prefer to think he might sound like me, maybe a little bit. He can't sound like me. He has never sang or recorded any of my songs.

You may hear a touch of several artists in my vocals. If so, I hope it will bring good memories. I have enjoyed doing them for you.

Best Wishes,

"Willie" Wayne Carter


Direct Comments To:

Harry Eckert
18 Bradford St., West Seneca New York 14224 USA
email -


“Water & Gasoline”
Hybrid Car
By: Spud Martin aka Harry Eckert

Seeing this gasoline situation unfolding into prices that are killing us brings to mind a hybrid car I seen years ago powered with two separate fuel systems. A regular gasoline tank that came with the car and a water & alcohol tank with accessories mounted in the trunk.

The car was around a 1954 Chevrolet sedan with a standard six-cylinder engine except for the copper tubes from each cylinder to the trunk. The tubes appeared to function as injectors.

It’s owner who I only knew only on a first name basis owned a country farm, about forty miles south of Buffalo, New York. His daily trips to work and back averaged about eighty miles per day. He occasionally stopped at my dad’s full-service station for gas.

When I first checked his oil I asked him about the copper tubes leading from each cylinder to the trunk. He said the car runs on water but he never told me how it worked or allowed me to see what was in his trunk.

He told me the performance wasn’t too great for city driving so he used gasoline for city driving and would switched to water for country driving.

The car had a manual transmission (stick shift) and for country driving he had to increase the Rpm’s between shifts to the last gear where it performed reasonably well with the water system.

I asked him what he planned to do with his car and he said, “nothing that it was for his own use”.

Even with its shortcomings in performance his car was really unique and awesome. Being a former auto mechanic and collaborating with my other mechanic friends couldn’t come up with what he had.

Marriage and career changes took me into new directions and through the years I’ve often wondered whatever happened to him and his car?

I suspect with today’s R&D technology’s this mystery can be cracked.

One uneducated guess without anything to back this up is that he may have added something to the water such as alcohol that was common as a radiator anti-freeze back in those days. That type of anti-freeze was very combustible even when mixed with water. It had to be discontinued due to the many engine fires due to cooling system leaks.


"Put On Your Thinking Hats And Work On This"

All information contained in this article is freely contributed for whatever purpose.

As a youngster, I used to stare into space and let my dreams get carried away. I watched birds fly with ease; I noticed airplanes fly through the sky with no problems. I marveled at space and its mysteries.

Gravity fascinated me, and I wondered what it was and how we could overcome it to be able to fly like birds. It seemed, if they could do it, so could we.

Later in life, I took a course in the basics of electricity and noticed a correlation between the atom and the universe. The atom and the universe are very similar in the way they’re structured. A theory of space travel started emerging. I started to think about space, gravity, magnetic fields, light energy, frequencies, and so on. It was seemingly falling into place. After I went as far as I could with the theory, I did not know what to do with it. I had thought it out theoretically but lacked the resources to try to put it all together, so I put it to rest.

With the advent of the space shuttle, I wondered if maybe there was some merit in my theories. I could believe in flying saucers and how they worked. If I could see their existence as a possibility, then I could see space shuttles lifting off the ground with no problems.

The major difference would be the elimination of the solid fuel booster rockets and the massive main fuel supply, therefore increasing the safety of the astronaut’s from explosions. The fuel supply and boosters could be eliminated in favor of a different system.

It is wonderful to see such great progress in space. The purpose of this article is to explore another avenue, which has been on my mind for a long time and just may have merit.

If my theory would prove correct, it could lead to a simpler method, with the possibility of the flying saucer, cars without wheels, space belts worn on the back, individually operated vehicles on roads of air and higher levels, and travel to the moon and planets at the speed of light.

I believe in flying saucers; I believe they exist. I have no idea where they come from, but I do think they are very real. This is how I think they work.

They are equipped with gyroscopes, which make them resist or overcome gravity. I believe the outer ring of the flying saucer spins at a high rate like the action of a gyroscope. All that it would take to make it hover would be a magnetic field. The magnetic field would be of a polarity opposite that of the earth.

I believe the universe is held in place by magnetic fields. For example, under that theory, the universe is built the same as an atom. The nucleus of the atom would be of a positive polarity as, I think, the sun is. The electrons would be of a negative polarity, as to the earth with respect to the sun and as all the other planets in our solar system would be negative. The moon would be of a positive polarity with respect to the earth. So it goes through the whole solar system. Suns are positive; planets are negative, held in place by their orbits.

Getting back to the flying saucer, the spinning outer circumference, acting as a gyroscope with respect to the middle, would make it featherweight. All that would be required to propel it would be a varying polarity. Polarize the saucer positive, and the ship would not leave the earth because unlike fields attract, just as in a magnet. Polarize the saucer negative with respect to the earth, and the saucer would repel itself away from the earth because like polarities repel as does a magnet.

In the case of space travel by flying saucer, lift-off would be created by the action of the gyroscope and the varying polarity. A strong negative polarity would repel it away from earth. As it would leave the earth’s gravitational pull, it would then be attracted to the moon’s polarity or gravity. If the moon’s polarity were positive with respect to the earth, as long as the polarity of the saucer were negative it would be drawn to the moon.

By the way, once the saucer was free of the earth, the gyroscope would not be needed and would therefore shut down. Its purpose would be solely to make the space ship or saucer lighter and thereby able to escape the very negative or gravitational pull of the earth.

We could head towards the moon at a terrific speed due to the polarity of the saucer with respect to the moon. Remember, the moon is positive and the polarity of the saucer is negative, causing unlike polarities to attract. As the saucer approaches the moon, the polarity of the saucer would be varied to negative, thus slowing down the saucer by the action of like fields, which would cause a repelling effect.

The polarity of the saucer could be varied from a spectrum of polarities from true negative to a lesser degree of negative to true positive via a lesser degree of positive, and that would vary the speed of the saucer. For example, in between white and black are all the colors. In between true negative and true positive are varying degrees of polarities.

As the moon is approached, the gyroscopes would be reactivated and the polarity adjusted to permit a soft landing. The correct mix of negative and positive polarities along with the anti-gravitational effect of the reactivated gyroscope would accomplish that.

In fact, the mixes of polarity could cause the saucer to hover at any desired height. That hovering would enable the saucer to scan the surface of the moon, therefore making it more interesting for exploring. Landing and lift-off could be permitted at will.

The trip back to the earth could be accomplished with no problems. If we did not want to return to earth but wanted to go to another planet in our universe or beyond, the flying saucer or spacecraft would be large enough to carry food; water, and other supplies for long periods away from earth.

Perhaps we would want to travel to Mars. We would lift off from the moon and set our direction finder to Mars. A direction finder is a beam of concentrated light, projected in the direction of Mars, to be locked on the ship’s navigational system. Known as a laser beam, it possesses energy to govern the speed of the saucer and direction, by locking onto the beam of light to its target, Mars.

The speed of light travels at 186,282 miles per second, so that means theoretically that the saucer could travel at the speed of light. The spaceship traveling at the speed of light would make the space travel like a Sunday drive.

Another form of travel using this technology would be the hovercraft to replace the auto. It would travel to its destination at a predetermined level or altitude anywhere from a few inches or feet off the ground to several hundred feet or even miles, depending on a safe plan for everyone.

And lastly, airlines as we know them would be eliminated in favor of commercial flying saucers. That would mean no more jet engines or jet fuel, no more cumbersome landings and take-offs.

The list goes on, and new ideas come and go, but maybe—we will see something like this in the future.

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Harry Eckert
18 Bradford Street
West Seneca, New York 14224
Phone 716 824 1385

Harry Eckert aka Spud Martin
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