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Dragonspoon is the creation of Frank Aresti, former guitarist of the legendary progressive metal band Fates Warning. Dragonspoon ventures into the world of industrial music with Frank's unique style of heavy guitar riffing, and a dark, sophisticated tone. Dragonspoon will release their debut CD on Hook n Mouth Records in September of 2002. For more information on Dragonspoon, go to www.hooknmouthrecords.com and/or www.dragonspoon.com.
Why this name?
Do you play live?
Dragonspoon currently does not play live, but may develop a live performance after their debut CD release that will incorporate technology with the dark sophisticated tone that Dragonspoon portrays.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It is a great thing, it gives artists a mechanism to get their music heard, and makes the artist much more independent and in control of their success.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Major labels are far too big to be concerned with the art of music. Artists and their products are treated as commodities and the label's interest in the artist's vision is subordinate to sales volume. That is in addition to the fact that artists have no option but to sign away many rights in order for the label to "protect their interests". Too bad the artist isn't the interest.
The performance of the record industry over the past few years indicates we are seeing the giants being crushed under their own weight.
Band History:
Frank Aresti, aka Dragonspoon, has fused elements from Beck to Bjork, from NIN to Peter Gabriel, to create one of the most unique recordings around. Driving rhythms and sharp hooks guide the listener through songs rich in power and atmosphere.

Dragonspoon is about focusing on songwriting and arranging, bridging elements from the worlds of electronic, industrial, metal, and trip-hop to create music rich in energy, melody, and varying textures.

As diverse as those worlds are, Frank Aresti has succeeded in bringing them together in a cohesive whole that is equally at home on the radio, in concert halls, and on dance floors.

Your influences?
NIN, Crysal Method, Bjork, Massive Attack, crushing guitars, weird sounds, great beats, deep bass......
Equipment used:
I first started Dragonspoon by going out and trading some old equipment for a Boss DR-5 sequencer. The DR-5 is a great portable unit with drums, bass, keyboard sounds, and much more. I then bought a Boss BR8 to record it all. I wrote parts, sometimes beginning on the guitar, sometimes right on the DR-5, arranged them, then recorded them all by myself. It’s a lot of work, and time consuming, but worth every bit of energy I put into it.

All the songs I’ve posted so far at were made that way. Eventually I found that I needed a lot more for what I wanted to do: a lot more resources, a lot more memory, a lot more power. I was hearing instruments that I did not have access to. I was also constantly running out of tracks and sacrificing my arrangements.

I did lots of research, asked a lot of questions and decided to get into Steinberg’s Cubase software for computer based sequencing and recording. I needed a new computer to handle all the software I wanted. I don’t know much about computers, and I didn’t want to spend any time troubleshooting, so I went to a company out of Hollywood, Florida called Audio Computing to build what I needed. They are a company that is dedicated to building computers optimized for music creation. You can visit their web-site for more info: www.audiocomputing.com. I got the Thelonius VI turn-key system, with a few modifications.

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