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Robert Keenan
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LiL Medic Beats
'Be Lovin You' Happy Pop Beat (R&B & Tropical)
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play hi-fi  The Sound of a Thousand Keyboards Smashed by Mules
play hi-fi  The Snapping of a Mule's Banana Spine
We're a three piece band from Worcester UK
We made this at college, we play ambient post rock, like mogwai or godspeed you black emperor, but not quite as good.
There is intricately played guitars, bass, drums and violin, and various synths...
We play a slightly melancholy few songs, and tribute them to the sounds that enslaved mules make when smashing keyboards for an adoring audience....
Why this name?
you don't want to know how we chose our bandname, trust me
Do you play live?
we don't play live, yet.
Your influences?
Godspeed You Black Emperor
Sigur Ros
King Crimson
Mahavishnu Orchestra