King Corn Beatzz
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NEWS   We'll be at GROUND ZERO DEC. 30th
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You are looking/listening and hopefully enjoying a little BOOLOW. We hail from Shelby, NC. We have been together for years. Post-Hardcore band that is heavy on the politics and lite on the fluff. We don't front any fashion or trends, we just rock. One thing about BOOLOW is this, no matter if the club is packed or only employees...We are there to put on an entertaining show! The road to hell is paved with good intentions...
Why this name?
Buda is the coolest Boxer Bulldog that ever'were! Boolow is the intoxicated way you pronounce his name !!!
Do you play live?
Yes! We play different clubs in North Carolina and South Carolina. We love to play live. Why else would we do it.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has many more people listening to us than if the internet didn't exist. I think that the benefits are infinite.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If they brought the deal that didn't cause me to drop my pants....Then, "YES"!
Band History:
It was the spring of 2000 or`01 when we first started. It was Jeff, Mitch and myself [Jason]. We practiced for about a year maybe two and played a few shows. I quit in the fall of 2002, because I'm a quitter! We hooked up again at the start of 2003 and played as a 3 piece until we added another member [Richard] in the fall of 2003. Now we are cooking with a fatter sound, more energy and still teaching that Boolonascophic Knowledge!!!
Your influences?
Tell us who we sound like....
Equipment used:
Peavey XXX amp, PEAVEY 5150 cab,Peavey JSX Amp/MESA cab, (84?)Ampeg SVT-HD, Ampeg Speakers, PEAVEY BW Speakers, Peavey Mixer/Speakers, TAMA Drums, Zil...(sp?) The cymbol spelled with a "Z"
Anything else...?
INDIVIDUALS are the largest minority!!! BOOLOW is a band with an agenda...Be an individual! Being an individual is a state of mind, not your....?
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