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Romeo Mascarinas
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play hi-fi  Alay-Ano Clan, USA Theme 2016
play hi-fi  Bagyo Ug Linog
play hi-fi  Song Of Confidence
play hi-fi  Ado, Mahal Kita
play hi-fi  Away From Everything
play hi-fi  She Just Broke My Heart
play hi-fi  Vienna
play hi-fi  I'm Totally Yours
play hi-fi  My Tagbilaran City
play hi-fi  Call To All Nations
Do you play live?
Yes! Anytime, anywhere! Love unannounced music jam!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Global scope of the internet allows us to be heard from anywhere... inclusive of wifi (wink!)
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, if given a break
Band History:
Romeo MascariƱas has always been a band player. He started at a young age as a lead guitarist. After a stint in Japan in the late 80's, he decided to develop his skill as a keyboardist, thinking there are so many great guitar players around and would be difficult to get a stable job as a guitarist. The rest is history, he now is a genuine keyboardist and has performed all over the country with different band, from pop to rock to even r&b and rap groups. A great call from the Versatile Band a year or two ago... gave Romeo a new home in his preferred sounds: 80's and 90's!
Your influences?
All kinds of influences that ever played on radio
Favorite spot?
My Tagbilaran City
Away From Everything V2
Big Bang Page 2
Away From Everything
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