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Keith Heimericks
Simple Man
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This version of Simple Man starts off as "unplugged" until the first chorus. From that point forward it is straight ROCK!!! Like and Share my Facebook page at
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'Faquir' is a track by Helio Jenne and Raul Branco, from the 2017 ACIDENTE CD 'AGORA MUDOU', produced by Paulo Izecksohn, CD label Stolen Records / Stolen 14.
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play hi-fi  15) S quando eu penso 238290
play hi-fi  17) Columbine
play hi-fi  16) Violetas
play hi-fi  15) S quando eu penso
play hi-fi  14) Tempos Imemoriais
play hi-fi  13) Bruxa
play hi-fi  11) Faquir
play hi-fi  10) Deus Jesus e a Morte
play hi-fi  9) Senhora do Silncio
play hi-fi  8) Passado e Agora
Zunga, Mala, Scubi, Zeca
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