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play hi-fi True Rhymes
Nate Rhoads
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play hi-fi  Bumps Tagged
play hi-fi  Bang Bang Tagged
play hi-fi  NCJP tagged
play hi-fi  Won Tagged
play hi-fi  Southern Man Tagged
play hi-fi  Free 2 fly tagged
play hi-fi  I got it Tagged
play hi-fi  make love tagged
play hi-fi  Got bars tagged
play hi-fi  We on Tagged

:Use YGMG BEATS for performances

:Distribute up to 2000 copies.
Untagged beat in high quality .mp3 format.

:Sent by email within 24 hrs.
YGMG still owns full rights to the beat production



1.Unlimited Commercial / profitable use.
2.For live performances
3.Albums, Demos & mixtapes.

:Distribute unlimited copys.
:Untagged beat in high quality .wav format.

:Sent by email within 48 hrs. You own full rights to the beat and it will be marked sold.

: Use YGMG BEATS for

1.Shows/ Live Performances
2.Demos, EP's & Mixtapes.

:Tagged Beat In High Quality .Mp3 Format.
:Sent By Email Within 24 Hrs.

:YGMG Still Owns Full Rights To The Beat/ Production.


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