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John Paul Lloyd
NEWS   I just uploaded a re-worked "My Lord Arose". Tomorrow, Feb 3 I will upload a brand new tune: Keep tuned! John Paul Lloyd
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play hi-fi  Here I am before You Lord
play hi-fi  My Lord Arose 2017
play hi-fi  And I praise my Lord 2016B
play hi-fi  01 We Praise our God
play hi-fi  New Life 2016
play hi-fi  Saved Every Day (Single)
play hi-fi  Marshmallow Wine 16
play hi-fi  Dance and Jump and Sing
play hi-fi  do you believe in Jesus
play hi-fi  When I really need a friend
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John Paul Lloyd is an artist who writes, performs and records his own tunes. I can play just about any instrument, (except woodwinds!), and records via a 32 track Korg machine. I have recorded 10 CD's; with a mixture of progressive rock and Christian rock. I occasionally use other musicians, but do most of the "work" myself.
Why this name?
It's my name!
Do you play live?
I'm looking to get back into live playing. Anyone in the Greensboro, NC area want to start a band?
Email at if you'd like to attend!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet gives exposure to independent artists such as myself to the general public. It's great!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
John Paul Lloyd has been playing for 30 years. I can play Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Autoharp, and percussion. I have also been writing music for 30 years off and on.
Your influences?
Musical influences are Beatles, Yes, ELO, and Genesis, as well as some Jazz and Classical. I like just about anything except Rap and Country.
Favorite spot?
Liberty, NC!
Equipment used:
Guitars: Epiphone Allen Woody Bass, Fender Stratocaster, Line 6 Variax 700, Gibson Les Paul Studio, Epiphone Les Paul Special, Dan Electro U2, Yamaha 12 string acoustic, Schmidt Autoharp, Yamaha Bass, Roland JV80, RS keyboard, EMU Vintage Keys, Roland JV880, Pearl Percussion.
Anything else...?
I have 11 CD's (Tunes for Jesus series) recorded, and are free for the asking. Just email!
Tunes for Jesus 2014 is complete; I'm starting to write for Tunes for Jesus 2015!