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Buy a Beat
Beat Names

Regular Leasing
- Sell up to 2000 Copies
- Trees Beats still owns rights to the beat.
- Mixtape Use , itunes, cd, etc.
- One Tag Included, HQ MP3 File sent Via Email
- Email For Track out prices.
- File Delivered within 24 hours to paypal email address

Premium Leasing
- Three commercial uses only
- Distribute up to 7,500 copies
- Can be used for albums, mix tapes, etc.
- Receive the beat in tracked out .wav files
- Files will be delivered within 48 hours to Paypal email address
- Trees Beats still owns the beat

-You own most rights to the track you purchase.
- Trackouts & Untagged files will be sent Via Email
- All files sent within 48 Hours.
- For more information,

Free Rights
For Auditioning purposes only, you hold no rights to the beat and can only audition to see if you want to buy the lease or exclusive rights to the track.

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