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Ephemeral Sun
NEWS   Ephemeral Sun’s debut full length, “Broken Door”, is near completion with an expected release date of October 31, 2004.

Look for samples online soon.
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play hi-fi  Discovery (edit)
play hi-fi  Winter Has No Mercy
play hi-fi  A Song For Twilight (Part 1)
play hi-fi  Fall Betrays the Earth (demo)
Night swells like a flood across the sky. The solar warmth subsides, a blanket of darkness wraps the world in a cold embrace. Time is running out.

Merging elements of atmospheric metal, progressive rock, fusion, electronica and more into a singular intense musical vision, Ephemeral Sun is a powerful new entry into the more adventurous musical realms.

Ephemeral Sun was formed during the summer of 2002 by former Rain Fell Within members as an opportunity to explore new musical territories and more adventurous songwriting. Drawing on their diverse backgrounds and experience with metal, prog-rock, jazz, blues, fusion, electronica, classical, and world music, the group quickly began to create musical pieces that defy easy categorization. The developing Ephemeral Sun sound is a study in contrasts; lush atmospheres juxtaposed against crushing riffs, daunting leads and soaring ethereal vocals, driven forward by a powerful rhythm section.

Their demo entitled “Prototype 19.5” was released in summer 2003 and received much positive feedback. Tracks from the E.P. consistently ranked within the top 20 Progressive Metal for over 6 months on the now defunct The internationally acclaimed progressive music magazine, Expose, stated, “An outstanding start for a very promising band. Hurry up and get that full length CD out!”

Ephemeral Sun’s debut full length, “Broken Door”, is near completion with an expected release date of October 31, 2004.

Look for samples online soon.

Why this name?
It sounded nice.
Do you play live?
Yes, where ever we are deemed worthy. We play anywhere that is fitting for our style. Yes, we love playing live. Our special experiences are when we have a crowd infront of us loving what we do.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It is a good and bad thing. It is good for bands that are unknown to expose themselves (musically speaking of course), and potentialy bad for any musician that would like to make money at their art, when it comes to piracy.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Maybe. If a major label decides to sign us then that means that they are opening up their minds to experimental music, which will be a good sign. We would need to retain significant control of our musical career though.
Band History:
Ephemeral Sun members current and past musical history:
Charles Gore - bass (ex-Rain Fell Within)
John Battema - keyboards (ex-Rain Fell Within, Snafu, Ruby Jones, No Apparent Reason, Jeff McGall Project, solo)
Laurie Ann Haus - vocals (ex-Rain Fell Within, Autumn Tears, Anomalous Feather, Todesbonden, ex-Garden of Shadows)
Tim Miller - drums (ex-Rain Fell Within, ex-Psychophancy)
Brian O'Neill - guitars (ex-Land of Chocolate)
Your influences?
We like to mix all of our influences into one large melting pot. The result is something unexpected. Metal, Atmosphere, Classic Proggressive Rock, Darkness, Middle Eastern, Opera, Alternative, Jazz
Favorite spot?
Laurie - Prague
Charlie - Barcelona
Tim - The mountainous regions of Salma Hayek
John - New York
Equipment used:
Organic and inorganic devices of varying natures.