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play hi-fi  CLUB_STORM
play hi-fi  CLUB_FARRELS
play hi-fi  FRIED_SHICKEN
play hi-fi  CLUB SLAP
play hi-fi  KV_6_PLUS
play hi-fi  KV BEATS - ''OAKLAND PARTY''
play hi-fi  KV BEATS - ''DAT HARD''
play hi-fi  KV BEATS - ''GET IT POPPIN''
play hi-fi  KV BEATS - JUGGLE
play hi-fi  KV BEATS - ''GWAILOR''



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Use for 3 commercial uses only

Leases are the perfect option if you are planning to use the track for a few of the following uses: mixtapes, demos, local, radio, play, performances, and promotion.

• Distribution limit - 6000 copies

• Kodac still owns full rights to this instrumental.

• High quality Mp3 file, Credit must be given to KVBeats.com

• A download link to the high quality untagged
mp3 file will be sent to your email within
the next 24 hours of payment.

• Use for any commercial use.
you may use for (itunes, mixtapes, albums, radio, etc.)

• You own full rights to the instrumental W/ 1 simple tag in intro

• High Quality MP3 and tracked Out Wav/Mp3 files
upon request.

• The beat will be taken off my site and sent via email within 24 hours of purchase.

Free download do not mean free beats. If you want to make a profit you got to buy a lease.

Buy 2 LEASES for $39.99!!! Thats $19.99 a BEAT!!!! Or Buy 4 LEASES for $59.99!!! Thats $14.99 a BEAT!!! Also Be sure to visit..... New Site Up via www.KodacVisualz.com

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