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NEWS   ZH27's 900th release is Bodycocktail #114: Sing Out!
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Hip Hop
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play hi-fi  111.11 Burroughs
play hi-fi  110.7 Water Rises
play hi-fi  113.3 Image of You
play hi-fi  129.5 Skinned to the Rhythmic Bone
play hi-fi  132.9 love is
play hi-fi  131.9 Eyes (I Shut Mine)
play hi-fi  127.6 Sticky Heart
play hi-fi  124.7 Eyes Closed Tight
play hi-fi  127.5 One of My Favorite Things (Death)
play hi-fi  131.6 Heir To Undershirted Smile
Ten years ago Bodycocktail had it's one and only Christmas hit, "I've Got a Salty Lunker Grub for You This Christmas" which is now available online to add cheer to the holidays in our own special way.
Why this name?
Richard *de fabriek* van Dellen sent me a Dutch publication from his hometown Zwolle which used the term bodycocktail as one word and I knew that had to be the name of my next band. I divined the anthropomorphic martini logo on a cocktail napkin!
Do you play live?
Once in a blue moon while on tour in Europe.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
a boon from the heavens for the home recording artist
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I've not been holding my breath for 21 years, lets just say.
Band History:
I started Bodycocktail as my solo spin-off of Grandbrother. I had gotten into doing vocals and occasional lyrics with Grandbrother and after I bought my first electronic instrument, an Ensoniq Mirage sampling keyboard, I was inspired to start doing songs. This would be in 1993, but my earliest songs appear on the 1984 Zanstones "Subtle Art of Puddle Pushing" release. I had been writing potential lyrics long before this, some of which I used later in Bodycocktail.

I started the band with some help of my friend Bobby Douglas (drums) and Archie "Chillson" Wilson (guitar) and we even played out live perhaps half a dozen times in 1993 and 1994. Soon it became a solo project and I even did a few solo live shows. The Bodycocktail releases "Enlivened Circumstances" & "Solo Live Blisstones at Sparks" document some of these live actions.

Peak studio years, with over 20 releases, include 1996, 2004 and this year.
Your influences?
1977-1983 new wave
Favorite spot?
barcelona - chicago - brussels
Equipment used:
Children and toy keyboards, Ensoniq Mirage, accordians, stringed instruments, wind instruments and non-instruments.
Anything else...?
the music's intention is to have the effect of a nice cocktail rolling over your mind. The song titles have numbers which reference the release number first, followed by a dot then the track number.
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